Saturday, April 11, 2009


by Debbie Dadey (2nd+)

After visiting Jewels Pizza Castle on a field trip with his class, Howie becomes convinced that the pizza chef is actually a dragon who has been captured and tamed by none other than St. George, the owner of Jewels Pizza Palace. But can he convince his friends that they need to help the dragon and if so, how can they help? Read Dragons Don’t Cook Pizza to find out.


by Judi Barrett (3rd+)

Have you ever heard a great tall-tale bedtime story? Well, now you can. One night a grandfather tells his grandkids a story about a place called Chewandswallow where food came with the weather, three times a day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can have pancakes falling from the sky for breakfast with a drizzle of syrup coming down. You could have burgers for lunch with a drizzle of ketchup and mustard and for dinner you could have spaghetti and meatballs falling from the sky with a drizzle of sauce. But what would happen when the towns people could not keep up with the eating of all this food? Find out when you read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett.


by Helen Lester (2nd+)

Tacky is the strangest penguin you will ever meet. But that’s okay! Just because he is different doesn’t make him fun and a good friend. The other penguins laugh at him and think he is strange because he does everything different from them including marching in time and the way he does cannonballs in the water instead of swimming like a nice gentleman. Tacky doesn’t care though! He’s having fun! But what happens when hunters find his island and are looking for penguins they heard were there. Can he prove there are no penguins on the island and save his friends? Find out if you read Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester.


by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith (1st+)

Have you ever read any traditional fables? Well, just like Jon & Lane’s strange and funny fairytales in The Stinky Cheese Man now they have come up with several traditional fables which they have added their comical twists too in this book. Titles of the fables include Grasshopper Logic, Elephant & Flea, Piece of Toast & Froot Loops, Duckbilled Platypus vs. BeefSnakStik, and many more.


by Stan Berenstain (1st+)

Papa Bear decides that today would be a great day to go on a picnic. But each time they pick a spot to picnic it seems there is something wrong and they have to keep moving around. From smoke and mosquitoes to trash and overcrowding they can’t seem to find any good spots. Will they find a good spot to picnic or will they be very hungry instead? Read the Bears’ Picnic by Stan Berenstain to find out.


by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith (1st+)

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales takes some of the traditional fairy tales and puts a spin on them. Fairytales that are included are Chicken Licken, The Princess and the Bowling Ball, The Really Ugly Duckling, The Other Frog Prince, Little Red Running Shorts, Jack’s Bean Problem, Cinderumpelstiltskin, The Tortoise and the Hair, and the Stinky Cheese Man. Read this book of great stories for some laughs and fun.


by Tedd Arnold (K+)

Wilma wasn’t feeling well one morning and she woke up green. But that isn’t the only strange thing. At school she hops around the room, she is trying to chase down flies and eat them at lunch. What is going on? Is she turning into a frog? Then when she falls into the lake a giant fish tries to get her. But something very fishy is going on and there is a surprise ending that will make you giggle. Read Green Wilma by Tedd Arnold for a fun and enjoyable story.


by Fay Robinson (K+)
E 597.8 R

Fantastic frogs of all kinds. This book tells about all kinds of frogs and their unique qualities. It also talks about how frogs develop from a tadpole into a full grown frog describing the colors they can be and what shapes or sizes. To find out more about frogs read Fantastic Frogs! by Fay Robinson.


by Eric Rohmann (K+)

Rabbit and mouse are the best of friends. Mouse knows that his friend rabbit means well but everything that rabbit does ends up in a mess. When they take their plane out to play it ends up in a tree and rabbit has a great plan for getting it down. But just a mouse says, rabbit means well but everything he does turns out bad. Find out what happens with rabbit, mouse, their plane, and their friends when you read My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann.

**This book has a few words but is mostly pictures where children can tell there own story and use the pictures to explain what is happening on each page.


by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury (K+)

A family sets out on a bear hunt, stomping across big grass fields, muddy swamps, and water. When they finally find a cave what do you think they need find? Well, to find out read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury.


by David McPhail (1st+)

One day a young bear begins his lessons on how to be a bear. While listening to his mother he begins scratching in the dirt and soon realizes that he really likes doing it. He loves to draw and any time he gets some free time that is what he will do. Do you like to draw pictures? Well, bear can help you learn how to draw and enjoy it. Read Drawing Lessons From a Bear to find out what you can do if you enjoy drawing too.


by Mercer Mayer (K+)

A little girl moves from the city to the farm with her family and now every night she hears loud sounds coming from the attic above her room. Her parents say it is probably just mice but she thinks it is a nightmare. In order to convince her parents she is going to catch and drag it downstairs to show them. Will she be able to do this or are nightmares more tricky then she thought? Read There’s Something in My Attic by Mercer Mayer to find out.