Thursday, May 29, 2008


Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow Series #11
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

Jack begins a new adventure to find an island full of treasure called Poseidon’s Peak that the heard about from a beautiful woman in the last town. He sets out alone in a small ship only big enough for two. When he finally finds the island his problems start. He thinks he is alone but he finds a man who has been badly beaten up and battered around as if from a shipwreck. This man seems to know him though and Jack has no clue who he is. But he seems to have been to Poseidon’s Peak and has seen the treasure. Can Jack unlock this strangers memories in order to find the treasure for himself? Read Poseidon’s Peak to find out.


Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow Series #10
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

Jack had run away from home in order to not become a pirate. Now his past is catching up with him in more ways than one. He has finally made it off the island only to find that a friend has betrayed him, the royal navy is coming for him, and the Keeper of the Pirate Code—Teague—is also after him. Will Jack be able to stay alive and keep away from his past? Read Sins of the Father to find out.


Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow Series #9
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

In the last book, The Timekeeper, Jack and Fitz had made time all crazy by pushing a button on a pocket watch that they had found. Now the goddess of the volcano, Chantico, has given the boys a short amount of time to set time back again. Tia Dalma gives them a task that they must accomplish in order to do this. In their quest to set time straight then run into giant saber- toothed tigers, pterosaurs, and the storm king Captain Torrent who fought a previous battle with Jack and was left stranded on the island. Can they make it to set time straight or will one of these things get in their way? Read Dance of the Hours to find out.


Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow Series #8
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

Davy Jones has finally caught up with Jack and Fitz. Just when it looks like Davy might send them to down to Davy Jones locker, they are rescued by a watch. The very same watch that Davy Jones is looking for. When Jack presses a part of the watch, it makes time go all crazy. Now they’ve escaped Davy Jones for now but find themselves captured by strange people on a very familiar island. Can they use the watch again to get off the island and elude Davy Jones? Read The Timekeeper to find out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sandy Lane Stables series (book #8)
by Michelle Bates

Alex has the perfect idea to earn the extra money this summer that he needs for a soccer trip. His sister and the owners of the ranch where he sometimes works with horses all believe that his parents know about his scheme to spend his savings bond money. He has $1500.00 in a savings bond but he needs at least $350.00 for the trip. He decides to invest the money in a horse that he can take care of and train, then sell at the end of the summer for double his money. But has he gotten in over his head? Will he find a horse of good quality for that kind of money? Find out what happens with Alex and his new horse when you read The Perfect Pony, a book from the Sandy Lane Stables series by Michelle Bates.


by Matt Christopher

Boots Raymond is hoping to play for the Apollos football team in his hometown. He really wants to play the position of quarterback but he is turned down because his weight is not right for that position. Instead, he is put in as a tackle. Boots doesn’t like being on tackle and almost gives up football. But his brother Tom gives him some good advice about both life and football. Tom is a soldier in the war and it only makes one more thing for Boots to be worried about while he is trying to play. Can Boots follow his brothers advice and stick with football? Read Tough to Tackle by Matt Christopher to find out.


by Cynthia Rylant (3rd+)

Daniel’s parents have died in an accident and now he is living with his grandfather on an island off of British Columbia. While walking along the shore one day, Daniel meets a mermaid who gives him a key. This key will lead him to find out more about his family and help him to find new family. What does this magic key open? Read the Islander by Cynthia Rylant to find out.


by Stephanie True Peters

Mark Goldstein is kind of a klutz and he is tired of being teased about it, even by his friends. But when he finds out about a Kung Fu class that could possibly help he decides to join. But at the same time could he lose his friends with the knowledge he has gained from Kung Fu? Read The Extreme Team #2: Day of the Dragon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The Wolfbay Wings #1 (5th+)
by Bruce Brooks

Dixon Woods has gone to hockey camp and has found that he really enjoys playing. But when he tries out for the Wolfbay Wings Squirt A team he is really surprised to find that he has made it. Dixon and the team soon find out that the coach has left for another club and has taken five of the teams best players with him. They still have enough boys on the team to play but will their skills be enough. Can Dixon toughen up and use his eye for the game to help his team win this season? Find out when you read Woodsie, book #1 in the Wolfbay Wings series by Bruce Brooks.


by Sigmund Brouwer (4th+)

Ian spends every summer working for his uncle in Florida at a dive shop. This summer is no different. He soon hears a rumor however that his uncle has been hired by some lawyers to help them search for a pirate ship that has been lost for a very long time. But what has his uncle gotten involved in when someone is trying to get rid of him? Who can Ian trust while he tries to help his uncle? Find out when you read Off the Wall by Sigmund Brouwer.


by Sigmund Brouwer (4th+)

Jeff’s problems have just begun. He is sixteen and the one thing he loves, skydiving, has just turned very dangerous for him. After an almost fatal accident with a friend of his, Sabella, Jeff finds that things aren’t as they seem. These accidents that keep popping up may not be accidents at all. Someone is trying to get rid of Sabella and now Jeff because he has been helping her. Can Jeff help Sabella and stay alive himself in the process? Find out when you read Chute Roll by Sigmund Brouwer.


by Sigmund Brouwer (4th+)

Blake is really into biking and he is just getting ready for a big bike race. But during his practicing he runs across a man who steals his bike. From there, things just go downhill. When his bike was stolen, Blake and his friend Tommy were able to grab a backpack that the guy was wearing. They had a big surprise when they found it full of money. But now Blake is in trouble because they want their money back. Blake is also unsure of who to trust because after turning the money into the sheriff some of it is found to be missing and the bad guys know information that they shouldn’t. Can Blake outsmart the guys after the money and figure out who is in on it with them? Read Cliff Dive by Sigmund Brouwer to find out.


by Sigmund Brouwer (4th+)

Keegan Bishop is an excellent downhill skier who is practicing times in order to enter a big race. But when someone tries to seriously injure or even kill him during one of those times he knows that he must do something before they succeed. This leads him to run into Cassie, a girl on vacation at the resort with her father. He soon finds that maybe Cassie is involved with the incidents and theft that have been going on at the resort. Can he solve the mystery of the thefts and help Cassie before it is too late for either of them? Read Rippin’, a to the Extreme mystery by Sigmund Brouwer.


by Sara Pennypacker (3rd+)

Clementine is in third grade this year, and it is going to be a great year. She loves her teacher Mr. D’atz. But when she finds out Mr. D’atz may be leaving on a trip for the rest of the year she gets very upset. He can’t leave, he promised he would stay with them and even told them about all the cool things he would do with them this year. So when the class is asked to write recommendation letters for Mr D’atz to help him with being chosen to take the trip, Clementine decides a recommendation that is not good would be the way to go. If she writes that Mr. D’atz is terrible then he won’t get to go. But she wonders if she is doing the right thing when she finds out that he and everyone else will be reading her letter. Can she fix her mess and
do the right thing, even if it means losing Mr. D’atz for the rest of the school year. Read Clementine’s Letter by Sara Pennypacker to find out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


by Megan McDonald (2nd+)

Stink, who just happens to be the famous Judy Moody’s brother, has stumbled upon a clever way of getting F-R-E-E stuff. His sister can’t believe how he has done it. In his class at school they have been learning about writing letters and so that is just what he does. After buying a Super-Galactic Jawbreaker that does not break his jaw, as the name suggests, Stink writes to the company about what he has found. Surprisingly, he gets something in return for his letter—FREE stuff. He soon finds that by writing letters he can get all the free stuff he wants, but in the meantime he forgets about a very important day and now his best friend is mad at him. Can Stink fix this mess and cheer up his friend? Find out when you read Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker by Megan McDonald.


by Marion Dane Bauer (3rd+)

In a family of wolves, one is born smaller than the rest. This wolf is named Runt by his father and it is thought that he will not amount to much because of his size. All of the other cubs have talents such as sniffing out food, tracking, helping others, but what will Runt’s talent be. He only seems to be able to get in trouble. But when his family is in need will he be able to help them? Will he be able to lose the name Runt and gain another more suiting name for his long awaited talent? Read Runt by Marion Dane Bauer to find out.


Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles (book 1)
by Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black (3rd+)

Young Nick’s father has just remarried and now he has a stepsister named Laurie, who is really strange. She believes in fairies and other creatures. She even owns a copy of a book known as a Field Guide that tells all about different kinds of fairies and creatures. Nick doesn’t believe her, he thinks she’s crazy, until one night he sees one for himself. Then both he and Laurie are caught up in a big mess with a Nixie and a giant that they must stop from destroying their hometown. Can they stop them and who will they find to help them? Read The Nixie’s Song, book 1 of Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles to find out.


Twitches (book 10)
by H.B. Gilmour (4th+)

It’s October and Cam and Alex turn 16 on October 31st, Halloween. Because it is the month of their birth it is also their initiation. They must study for and pass several tests in areas including wisdom, intuition, trust, courage, and honesty. Unfortunately, their uncle Thantos is still trying to stop them from being initiated because then they would become the rulers of Coventry. They find they must stop Thantos, be initiated, and make it to their sweet 16 party thrown by Emily, their adoptive mother. Can they accomplish all of this before their 16th birthday and stay alive? Read Destiny’s Twins to find out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Twitches (book 9)
by H.B. Gilmour (4th+)

Cam and Alex have separated from each other for once in the year since they had found each other. Cam has gone back to Coventry to secretly be with Shane, while Alex has stayed at home spending time with Cade. But they may soon find that being apart is not what they need. Lord Thantos has been attempting to get them apart just like they are now so that he could come between them and stop them from their initiation which will take them a step closer to ruling all of Coventry in his place. Will Cam and Alex figure out what is going on in time to stop their uncle, Lord Thantos, or will they be destroyed while apart. Read Split Decision to find out.


Twitches (book 8)
by H.B. Gilmour (4th+)

Cam and Alex find out that there may be another witch in their group of friends, known as the six pack. They now also have a witch hunter after them who seems to know a lot about witches and their powers. Can they stop the witch hunter and find out who the other witch may be before the witch hunter gets her also? Read The Witch Hunters to find out.


Twitches (book 7)
by H.B. Gilmour (4th+)

After the life of one of their guardians is taken, Cam andAlex find themselves on their way to Coventry Island for a funeral. Both grieving over the loss of their friend and worry over the welfare of their other guardian are keeping them on edge. It gets worse when they get to Coventry Island, however, because they find that not only does someone not want them there but they have to deal with their uncle, LordThantos, who lives there. While staying on Coventry Island the twins also learn a great deal about their family and their bloodline including a curse and a prophecy. Can they figure out what to do about both the curse and the prophecy before it is too late? Will the person on the island who wants to see the T*Witches gone, succeed in their quest to be rid of them? Read Kindred Spirits to find out.


Twitches (book 6)
by H.B. Gilmour (4th+)

Cam and Alex are still trying to figure out what to do with the knowledge that there real mother, Miranda, is alive and has said that she will come to see them soon. That was over a month ago and they are becoming worried that something has happened or that she does not really care and will not keep her word. In the meantime, their brother Dylan has been getting into trouble and after being grounded he disappears. The girls wonder if it might have something to do with their problem lately with their uncle, Lord Thantos. Has he done something to Dylan in order to get to them? If so, can Cam and Alex find him in time and bring him home safely? Read Double Jeapordy to find out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Xtreme Mysteries # 8
by Laban Hill (4th+)

The X crew is going to give a snowboarding competition open to middle school students at the resort that Jamil’s dad owns. They have been planning this for quite a while and even have a cool snowboarding trophy to give to the winner of the competition. But when someone steals the trophy they find themselves racing to solve yet another mystery before the competition takes place. Nat discovers that she may have to look to her sister for help with this case, something she never would have dreamed of—she can’t stand her sister and they are fighting all the time. Can Nat’s sister help them solve the mystery of the missing trophy or will they have to leave the competition winner empty handed? Read Total Whiteout by Laban Hill to find out.


Xtreme Mysteries # 6
by Laban Hill (4th+)

A skate park is Nat’s new project. She and several others in the town, including the mayor, are trying to convince the town board that it would be worthwhile to build a skate park for the kids. The football coach and the team do not want to see it built because it would be built next to the football field and they are worried it will attract vandalism and bad behaviors. Nat thinks the proposal may go through until things start going bad for the football team. Someone is going to ruin their chances by proving the coachcorrect in that vandalism and bad behavior will come with the skatepark. Can Nat and the X crew find out who is behind all of it and stop them before they lose their chance at getting a skate park? Read Out of Line by Laban Hill to find out.


Xtreme Mysteries # 4
by Laban Hill (4th+)

Someone around town has begun tagging local businesses. The graffiti is in the form of a logo Wall has designed for a Competition coming to town—the Strut and Jive Summer Skate DEMO*lition Tour. Because it is his logo being used he is a suspect and the X crew must work to solve the mystery and prove that their friend is not the one tagging businesses around town. Read Half Pipe Rip-Off and find out who is actually responsible for the graffiti.


Xtreme Mysteries # 3
by Laban Hill (4th+)

Kevin has gotten an invitation for him and a friend to work the X games in San Diego. So, Kevin and wall are on their way to San Diego to meet Kevin’s uncle who has gotten them this awesome job. They will be helping out with the rock wall climbing events. But they soon find themselves in another mystery. Is someone trying to sabotage the competition or are the competitors just having really bad luck? Find out when you read Rocked Out by Laban Hill.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


by Gail Carson Levine

In Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, Rani had to make a promise to a mermaid that she would bring her a wand if she would help save Fairy Hollow and Neverland. So now she must keep that promise because Soop, the mermaid, is threatening to flood Neverland. The fairies are in a race to find a wand before Neverland and Fairy Hollow are lost forever. The fairies end up making bad wishes with the wand however and things start going very wrong. Queen Ree, Tink, and Prilla lose a friend, the mermaids are fighting, and Neverland is again in danger of losing its magic. Can they reverse the wishes they have made and again save Neverland. Read Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand by Gail Carson Levine to find out.


Xtreme Mysteries # 2
by Laban Hill (4th+)

Nat is an excellent mountain biker. Mountain biking is her sport. She has been given the job of creating and taking care of the Bear Claw bike trail this year for the annual Bear Claw Mountain Biking Race to be held for bikers. But Nat and the X crew soon find that someone does not want the Bear Claw race to take place. Someone has been sabotaging the trail and they must find out who before someone gets hurt or the race must be cancelled. Read Crossed Tracks by Laban Hill to find out if the X crew can solve another mystery in time to save the Bear Claw Mountain Biking race.


Xtreme Mysteries # 1
by Laban Hill (4th+)

Jamil’s dad is hosting a ski resort festival at his resort and has agreed to allow a snowboarding competition. Jamil and his friends are stoked. They never thought he would agree to it because he thinks that snowboarders ruin the trails and are dangerous to other skiers. So, when someone is trying to sabotage the competition and prove Jamil’s father correct, the X crew decides they need to investigate and stop whoever is responsible. But will this person go too far and hurt someone badly? Find out by reading Deep Powder, Deep Trouble by Laban Hill.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Disney Fairies
by Gail Herman (2nd+)

Are curses true? Well, the fairies believe so. After finding a white ladybug that is said to curse anyone who comes in contact with it, Silvermist, a water-talent fairy has some bad luck. Everywhere she goes and everything she tries to do she ends up messing it up. She wonders whether there really is such a thing as a white ladybug curse. Or is she messing up just because she is worried about being cursed? Find out when you read Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse by Gail Herman.


Disney Fairies
by Gail Herman (2nd+)

Dulcie, a baking-talent fairy loves to bake and has been working so much lately. When she oversleeps one day and breakfast is late, Queen Ree asks her to take a small vacation and get some rest. Dulcie has never had a vacation before and she is not sure what to do. She soon finds herself in the fairies library where she comes across a new recipe. Maybe if she can create this new recipe she can then go back to work. She goes on an adventure trying to find all of the ingredients she needs for this magic recipe. Meanwhile, Ginger, another baking-talent fairy has been trying to take over Dulcie’s kitchen. Can Dulcie create this magical recipe and get back in the kitchen before Ginger takes over for good? Read Dulcie’s Taste of Magic by Gail Herman to find out.


Disney Fairies
by Kiki Thorpe (2nd+)

Tink loves her talent and she loves living in Pixie Hollow with all of the other fairies. Terrance, a sparrow man whose job it is to hand out fairy dust to everyone, loves Tink. They are the best of friends. But when something happens and Tink loses her temper will she also lose her friend? She’s told Terrance to leave her alone but is upset when he does. She decides that she needs to give Terrance a really great gift to say she’s sorry. After hearing a story of the first Pixie Dust Tree and how some of the Pixie dust from that tree is still floating in a cloud North of Neverland, Tink decides that would be the perfect gift. So she sets out on a journey, but will she make it there and back? Will Terrance forgive her? Read Tink, North of Neverland by Kiki Thorpe to find out.


Disney Fairies
by Laura Driscoll (2nd+)

On the day of a party for Queen Ree it is found that her crown is missing. That same day Vidia, a rude and selfish fast-flying talent fairy had said something to the other fairies about taking the crown from Queen Ree. So when it goes missing everyone of course blames her and they are going to hold a trial to decide if she should be banished for it. In the meantime Prilla, another fairy, decides to try and help Vidia prove that she did not actually take the crown. As they start investigating they are led on an adventurous chase to find out the true location of the Queen’s crown. Will Vidia and Prilla find the crown in time before Vidia is banished from Pixie Hollow? Read Vidia and the Fairy Crown to find out.


Disney Fairies
by Kiki Thorpe (2nd+)

Tinkerbell is a very good pots-and-pans talent fairy. She can fix anything of metal with her hammer. But when she loses her hammer does her talent go with it? Everything she tries to fix after losing her hammer turns out wrong and worse then it started. Will she be asked to leave Pixie Hollow if her talent has left her? Can Peter Pan help her? Find out when you read The Trouble with Tink by Kiki Thorpe.


Disney Fairies
by Lisa Papademetriou (2nd+)

Rani is a water-talent fairy who has lost her wings. In order to save Pixie Hollow and Mother Dove, Rani had cut off her wings so that she could swim down to the mermaid lagoon and retrieve something that would help them all. When things aren’t going well for her in Pixie Hollow, Rani decides to run away. She ends up back with her friends the mermaid, but are they really her friends? Find out what happens to Rani when she visits the Mermaid Lagoon when you read Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon by Lisa Papademetriou.


Disney Fairies
by Kitty Richards (2nd+)

Prilla is a mainland-visiting-clapping talent fairy. She helps children to believe in fairies so that fairies will not die. It took her a while to figure out what her talent is and she is excited. She also likes to help other talents when they need it but is it getting out of hand. She is doing so much work for others that she doesn’t have a lot of time for her own talent. And when she decides to help out the butterfly-herding talent fairies she finds that the little lie she told about loving butterflies is getting her into quite a bit of trouble. Find out what happens to Prilla in Prilla and the Butterfly Lie by Kitty Richards.


Disney Fairies
by Lara Bergen (2nd+)

As an art-talent fairy, Bess loves to paint things that she sees and feelings that she has. After painting a portrait of Tinker Bell in which to pay her back for fixing something, Bess finds that other fairies would like a portrait also and are willing to give things or do things for Bess. This seems okay but it may be getting out of hand. Bess hasn’t painted any of her feelings lately and she is tired. What is she going to do, she can’t let the fairies down? Read A Masterpiece for Bess by Lara Bergin to find out what happens with Bess and the requested portraits.


Disney Fairies
by Kirsten Larsen (2nd+)

Lily, a garden-talent fairy, has one of the most wonderful and most used gardens in all of Pixie Hollow. Her plants and flowers are used for healing as well as food. Many fairies will just stop by to admire or enjoy her garden. After Lily finds and plants a new seed that she is not sure what it is things begin going wrong. Even though the plant that sprouts from the seed is not pretty and it is causing all sorts of problems, Lily still feels like it is a good plant. However, it is causing problems among all of the talent fairies in Pixie Hollow. Will she have to cut it down? Lily doesn’t think she will be able to do so. Find out what happens with Lily and her Pesky Plant by reading this story written by Kirsten Larsen.


Disney Fairies
by Gail Herman (2nd+)

Fira is a light-talent fairy who at the moment is very busy. They have so much going on that needs lighting around Pixie Hollow. But when a light-talent fairy gets too tired and worn out she cannot glow. Fira has been feeling a lot like this lately. Then she receives another task, to train the new light-talent fairies. These new fairies though are making quite a mess of Pixie Hollow. But will they be able to fix it all and help Fira with the work so she does not lose her light-talent. Read Fira and the Full Moon by Gail Herman to find out.


Disney Fairies
by Kimberly Morris (2nd+)

Animal-talent fairy Beck loves living in Pixie Hollow but she also wishes to go out and explore. After trying everything she can think of to fly faster and keep up with the birds so she can join them on their journey she ends up trusting someone she shouldn’t-Vidia. Vidia tricks her and is trying to keep her away from Pixie Hollow so she can steal from Mother Dove. Can Beck stop Vidia and convince everyone that she is not to be trusted? Read Beck Beyond the Sea by Kimberly Morris to find out.


Disney Fairies
by Laura Driscoll (2nd+)

Beck is an animal-talent fairy. She can communicate with all animals. When things get out of hands between the chipmunks and the hummingbirds she finds that the other animals and all of the fairies are being drug into the fight also. As she and the other animal-talent fairies try to settle the fight between the animals they soon find that it might take a real emergency for them to work together and stop the argument. Find out what happens when the animals begin fighting and if Beck and the other animal-talent fairies can get them to be friends again. Read Beck and the Great Berry Battle, a Disney Fairy book, by Laura Driscoll.


Xtreme Mysteries # 7
by Laban Hill (4th+)

Nat, Kevin, Wall, and Jamil find themselves at the the Winter X Games this time. There are all kinds of competitions going on including snowboarding, snow mountain biking, and skiboarding. They soon find themselves in another mystery though. Someone has a problem with the town or the X games competitions and is showing it by plowing snow up to all the stores. There first suspect is a top competitor in the snow mountain biking? Could they be wrong though? Find out who is causing all the trouble for the X crew when you read Spiked Snow by Laban Hill.


Xtreme Mysteries # 5
by Laban Hill (4th+)

Nat, Kevin, Wall, and Jamil are friends from middle school who love to spend their time outside and solving mysteries. This year they have been asked to stage a mystery for a wakeboarding group at a nearby resort. But when their staged mystery is followed by an actual mystery they find themselves very busy. The plans for a new design of a wakeboard have been stolen from a room at the resort. The group takes on the task of solving the case while keeping everyone informed of clues to the other staged mystery. Can they pull off the staged mystery, solve the mystery of the missing wakeboard plans, and still have some time to wakeboard and have fun? Read Lost Wake, an Xtreme Mystery, by Laban Hill to find out.