Monday, July 21, 2008


by Anthony Horowitz (5th +)

After recently discovering that his uncle was a spy and after becoming one himself, Alex Rider finds himself roped into another mission. This one involves a group of 14-year-old boys like himself but who have very wealthy families and who are always getting into trouble. In the past few weeks there have been two men killed who both had sons attending the same private school in which to tone down their behavior. M16 believes that this is too much of a coincidence and that something is going on with the school. They send in Alex to find out what is going on. Alex finds that indeed something very strange is going on. All of the boys are wandering around the school like they are brainwashed and something about all of them seems very similar, even though they are all different and unique boys. But soon Alex finds that he may know too much to stick around the school. But there is no way out. The school is on a mountain surrounded by snow and guards with guns. In an attempt to get his information to M16 Alex is chased through the snow by guards on snowmobiles mounted with machine guns. This is only one of the problems Alex faces at his new school. We he make it out alive with his information about the school or will this be his final mission. Find out when you read book 2 ofthe Alex Rider series, Point Blank.

Friday, July 18, 2008


by Justin Somper (5th+)

Grace and Connor live with their father in the lighthouse on Crescent Moon Bay. They have always been outcasts but no more than when their father dies and their only options are adoption by a rich banking family in town or the orphanage. They choose a third option however and sneak away on their fathers boat. As it turns out, this was maybe not a good idea. Or was it? After a huge storm breaks apart their boat, Connor and Grace find themselves separated in the water believing that the other has drowned. Connor is picked up by a pirate ship captained by Molucco Wrathe a strange but well known captain among the seas. He tells Connor that Grace must have been taken by the sea but Connor swears he saw another ship, a strange ship, in the water right before he was pulled out. He is determined to convince everyone that Grace is on that ship. But will they listen and help him search out the ship? Grace, on the other hand, was picked up by what she is soon to find out is the Vampirate ship from the sea shanty their father used to sing to them. The captain of this ship has told Grace that Connor was pulled from the water by a pirate ship and is alive. When Grace asks how he knows he talks in riddles about it. Lorcan, who pulled Grace from the water, is set the task to protect Grace while on the ship. What is he protecting her from though? Will Grace figure it out soon and will Connor find her before it is too late? Read Demons of the Ocean, the first book of the Vampirates series by Justin Somper.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


by Joseph Bruchac (4th+)

Maddy is a big fan of scary tales and movies. Anything scary she loves it. So she really loves all of the Native American legends of her ancestors that her grandmother tells her. But one lately has especially been close in her mind. The tale of the Whisperer in the Dark. As the legend goes at one time a man was taken over by something evil and turned into a monster with five razor sharp blades in his hand. When this man, The Whisperer in the dark, calls out to a person then that person will be his next victim. The person will hear him call out three times and the forth time they will hear him call out their name. At that point, he will come for them. Maddy is hearing the Whisperer in the Dark call out to her. At first she things its just her overactive imagination. But when things start happening in the neighborhood and to the people who are closest to her she begins to believe otherwise. Can Maddy outsmart the Whisperer in the Dark and stay alive? If she does, will that mean someone close to her will have to take her place? Read Whisper inthe Dark by Joseph Bruchac to find out.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


by Anthony Horowitz (5th+)

Alex Rider is told that his uncle was not wearing his seat belt and was killed in a car accident. Alex can’t believe this though. His uncle ALWAYS wore his seat belt. So when Alex goes out to the junkyard to look at the damage to the car he doesn’t find his uncles car wrecked he finds his uncles car shot up. What is going on? Alex soon comes to find that his uncle was not a banker as he had thought but actually a spy. His uncle was killed while on a top-secret mission and now Alex has found out to much for his uncle’s employers to let him go free. He is soon swept up in the middle of terrorists and finds himself racing to beat them before they can complete their task of killing all of the schoolchildren in England. The only help he has are some high-tech gadgets and himself. Will this be enough? Can he beat the terrorists at their game and save all of Englands schoolchildren? Will he find out who among them murdered his uncle? Read Stormbreaker the first in the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


by Lisi Harrison (6th+)

Alicia, one of Massie’s friends and a part of the “IN” group, met a new friend, Olivia, at Massie’s Halloween Party. Now she’s thinking that maybe she doesn’t have to follow Massie anymore. Maybe she can start her own group and finally be the one in charge. Massie does not like this though and a battle begins between the two groups. Can Massie stay in or will Alicia’s group take over? Who will be the “IN” group and rule the school? Find out when you read Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison.


by Lisi Harrison (6th+)

Massie is still the most popular girl at school and she still has her small group of friends to back her up. Claire is still living in her guesthouse and trying to get in with Massie and her friends. So, when Massie comes to Claire with an idea of how they could work together to both get something they want Claire goes for it. Massie wants the first ever boy/girl Halloween party but knows that she won’t get it by herself. She sees an opening when she overhears a conversation that her mom and Claire’s mom have. Their moms wish they got along better. Massie sees this as an opportunity to get what she wants. But will it work out for Claire? Will Claire get what she wants too? Read Best Friends for Never.

Monday, July 7, 2008


by Lisi Harrison (6th+)

Massie is in the 7th grade this year. She and her three friends are going to rule the school. They’re gorgeous, popular, and have everything money can buy. But Massie soon gets some bad news. Her father is letting one of his old college pals and his family live in their guesthouse while they try to find a new home. That’s not the worst part, though. In this family there is a girl, Clair, who will be going into 7th grade at Massie’s school. Massie’s mother insists she be nice to Clair and show her around. But Massie has other ideas and she will do anything she can to embarrass Clair and make her an outcast at the school. She soon finds though that Clair can hold her own and they soon become involved in a fight between friends and popularity. Find out who wins in this popularity battle when you read Lisi Harrison’s first book in the Clique series, The Clique.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


by Brandon Mull (4th+)

Nate is the new kid in town and he hates it. That is until he meets Pigeon, Summer, and Trevor. He becomes a member of their club and the four of them are inseparable. Then when a new candy shop opens in town the four of them get a job working for the owner, Mrs. White. This job is great! Mrs. White makes magic candy. Things like rock candy that can make you weightless and chocolate balls that can change your appearance. The jobs they are doing for Mrs. White begin getting a little strange though and they soon wonder if she is telling them the truth about what she is doing in town. Nate, Pigeon, Summer, and Trevor soon find out that they are in the middle of a magicians battle to find a hidden treasure of some sort. Who can they trust? Besides Mrs. White there is also Mr. Stott, the ice cream man and a mysterious new guy that has tried to stop them on some of their jobs. Can they find out who to trust and save their town from being taken over by evil magicians? Find out when you read The Candy Shop War.