Saturday, April 11, 2009


by Debbie Dadey (2nd+)

After visiting Jewels Pizza Castle on a field trip with his class, Howie becomes convinced that the pizza chef is actually a dragon who has been captured and tamed by none other than St. George, the owner of Jewels Pizza Palace. But can he convince his friends that they need to help the dragon and if so, how can they help? Read Dragons Don’t Cook Pizza to find out.


by Judi Barrett (3rd+)

Have you ever heard a great tall-tale bedtime story? Well, now you can. One night a grandfather tells his grandkids a story about a place called Chewandswallow where food came with the weather, three times a day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can have pancakes falling from the sky for breakfast with a drizzle of syrup coming down. You could have burgers for lunch with a drizzle of ketchup and mustard and for dinner you could have spaghetti and meatballs falling from the sky with a drizzle of sauce. But what would happen when the towns people could not keep up with the eating of all this food? Find out when you read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett.


by Helen Lester (2nd+)

Tacky is the strangest penguin you will ever meet. But that’s okay! Just because he is different doesn’t make him fun and a good friend. The other penguins laugh at him and think he is strange because he does everything different from them including marching in time and the way he does cannonballs in the water instead of swimming like a nice gentleman. Tacky doesn’t care though! He’s having fun! But what happens when hunters find his island and are looking for penguins they heard were there. Can he prove there are no penguins on the island and save his friends? Find out if you read Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester.


by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith (1st+)

Have you ever read any traditional fables? Well, just like Jon & Lane’s strange and funny fairytales in The Stinky Cheese Man now they have come up with several traditional fables which they have added their comical twists too in this book. Titles of the fables include Grasshopper Logic, Elephant & Flea, Piece of Toast & Froot Loops, Duckbilled Platypus vs. BeefSnakStik, and many more.


by Stan Berenstain (1st+)

Papa Bear decides that today would be a great day to go on a picnic. But each time they pick a spot to picnic it seems there is something wrong and they have to keep moving around. From smoke and mosquitoes to trash and overcrowding they can’t seem to find any good spots. Will they find a good spot to picnic or will they be very hungry instead? Read the Bears’ Picnic by Stan Berenstain to find out.


by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith (1st+)

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales takes some of the traditional fairy tales and puts a spin on them. Fairytales that are included are Chicken Licken, The Princess and the Bowling Ball, The Really Ugly Duckling, The Other Frog Prince, Little Red Running Shorts, Jack’s Bean Problem, Cinderumpelstiltskin, The Tortoise and the Hair, and the Stinky Cheese Man. Read this book of great stories for some laughs and fun.


by Tedd Arnold (K+)

Wilma wasn’t feeling well one morning and she woke up green. But that isn’t the only strange thing. At school she hops around the room, she is trying to chase down flies and eat them at lunch. What is going on? Is she turning into a frog? Then when she falls into the lake a giant fish tries to get her. But something very fishy is going on and there is a surprise ending that will make you giggle. Read Green Wilma by Tedd Arnold for a fun and enjoyable story.


by Fay Robinson (K+)
E 597.8 R

Fantastic frogs of all kinds. This book tells about all kinds of frogs and their unique qualities. It also talks about how frogs develop from a tadpole into a full grown frog describing the colors they can be and what shapes or sizes. To find out more about frogs read Fantastic Frogs! by Fay Robinson.


by Eric Rohmann (K+)

Rabbit and mouse are the best of friends. Mouse knows that his friend rabbit means well but everything that rabbit does ends up in a mess. When they take their plane out to play it ends up in a tree and rabbit has a great plan for getting it down. But just a mouse says, rabbit means well but everything he does turns out bad. Find out what happens with rabbit, mouse, their plane, and their friends when you read My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann.

**This book has a few words but is mostly pictures where children can tell there own story and use the pictures to explain what is happening on each page.


by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury (K+)

A family sets out on a bear hunt, stomping across big grass fields, muddy swamps, and water. When they finally find a cave what do you think they need find? Well, to find out read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury.


by David McPhail (1st+)

One day a young bear begins his lessons on how to be a bear. While listening to his mother he begins scratching in the dirt and soon realizes that he really likes doing it. He loves to draw and any time he gets some free time that is what he will do. Do you like to draw pictures? Well, bear can help you learn how to draw and enjoy it. Read Drawing Lessons From a Bear to find out what you can do if you enjoy drawing too.


by Mercer Mayer (K+)

A little girl moves from the city to the farm with her family and now every night she hears loud sounds coming from the attic above her room. Her parents say it is probably just mice but she thinks it is a nightmare. In order to convince her parents she is going to catch and drag it downstairs to show them. Will she be able to do this or are nightmares more tricky then she thought? Read There’s Something in My Attic by Mercer Mayer to find out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


by Justin Somper (book 4) 5th+

Grace and Connor have just met the one person they never thought they would meet—their mother. Grace is thrilled at how things are going and at finally meeting their mother but Connor is not so sure about it and does not like being around the Vampirates. So, Grace stays and Connor goes back to pirating with the newly appointed Captain Cheng Li and her crew. But when Captain Li’s ship and crew are appointed the secret mission of Vampirate Assassins Connor has a choice to make. Can he assassinate Vampirates when he knows they are not all bad and that his sister has become very close to them? Also, lurking in the shadows is a secret hidden from them since they were born which is about to come to light and which may change the rest of their lives. Find out how Connor and Grace fare in the war that is about to take place and what will happen when this secret becomes known by reading Vampirates book 4: Black Heart by Justin Somper.

Friday, March 13, 2009


by Judith Bauer Stamper (3rd+)

Have you ever been really scared of something? Well the kids in this book have. They’ve been hunted by graveyard ghosts. They have been chased by scary looking monster people, turned into mummies and disappeared without a trace. Would you like to read more about what scary things have happened to these kids? Then read the thirteen scary stories in Night Frights by Judith Bauer Stamper.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


by Gary Paulsen (4th+)

John is a thirteen-year-old boy who loves to do chores on his farm and who loves to hunt with his grandfather. But when his grandfather is diagnosed with cancer and only given a couple of months to live he tells John that it is time for him to go out hunting by himself. When he does he follows this doe but his idea of hunting has changed. He’s struggling to decide whether or not he actually wants to shoot her or not. What will he decide? Read Gary Paulsen’s Tracker for a great story of hunting.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


by Matt Faulkner (K+)

When Jack sells the family cow for five supposedly magic beans his mother is furious. But when those beans prove to be magic and a giant beanstalk grows, Jack climbs up to investigate. What does he find at the top of the giant beanstalk? Giants, of course! Giants with all sorts of riches. But when Jack begins to start helping himself to those riches the giant gets very angry. Find out what happens in Jack and the Beanstalk by reading.


by Brian Wildsmith (K+)

Hare thinks he is more clever than tortoise and is faster too. So tortoise challenges him to a race, which Hare knows for sure he will win. When the race begins Hare takes off while Tortoise slowly keeps on going. But when Hare comes upon food he eats and eats until he feels sleepy, laying down to have a rest. Will tortoise with encouragement from friends be able to win the race even though Hare is faster. Find out when you red Brian Wildsmith’s The Hare and the Tortoise.


by Rod Clement (2nd+)

Oh, my goth! Grandthpa’s teeth hath been stholen! In this small town, this is the biggest mystery of all. The police have been brought in to investigate and everyone is a suspect because grandpa says their teeth look just like the ones that were stolen from him. Everyone in town begins smiling all the time because if you aren’t you are thought to be a suspect in the robbery and get taken into the police station for questioning. This in turn makes business in town go down because all of the tourists find the non-stop smiling to be a little creepy. They have got to find grandpas teeth and soon. Will they locate the thief before it’s too late? Read this comical story of Grandpa’s missing teeth and the most unlikely thief you’ve ever met.


by Leah Wilcox (2nd+)

In this funny rhyming spin-off of the fairytale Rapunzel the prince tries to get Rapunzel to throw down her hair so he may climb up but the princess is a little hard of hearing and the prince is so far away that she mistakes his requests for other items. He asks her to throw down her “silky tresses,” she throws down “silky dresses.” He asks her to perhaps throw down a “rope,” she throws down a “cantaloupe.” Will he ever get Rapunzel to understand and make it up the tower to marry her? Read Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox to find out.


by Paul O. Zelinsky (2nd+)

A young girl is born named Rapunzel but since her father stole an herb from a sorceress’s garden the sorceress comes and steals her away. She is taken into a clearing and locked in a tall tower with no doors and only one window way at the top. The only person to visit is the sorceress who will call for Rapunzel to throw down her long hair so that she may climb up. But when a prince witnesses this one day and does the same thing he marries Rapunzel in the tower. When the sorceress finds out she cuts Rapunzel’s hair and sends her away in order to trick the prince. Will her devious plan work? Will Rapunzel ever see her prince again? Read Paul O. Zelinsky’s Rapunzel to find out.


by Nancy Van Laan (1st+)

When winter hits the land the animals are not sure what to do. The snow is getting so deep that soon it will bury them all. They make a decision to send one animal to the Sky Spirit to ask him for help but who will it be? They can’t decide until Rainbow Crow comes to see them. He volunteers to go and brings back something to help the other animals but in the process something happens to his beautiful feathers. Will he ever be the same? Read Rainbow Crow to find the true fact about crows in the legend.


by Brian Wildsmith (1st+)

One day in the jungle a lion meets a rat and does him a favor. The rat tells the lion that someday he will repay the favor. But how could such a small creature as the rat do a favor for the lion, king of the jungle. But when lion gets caught in a hunters trap and the other animals think themselves to weak who do you think comes to the lions rescue? Read The Lion and the Rat by Brain Wildsmith to learn of the heroic rat and the friendly lion.


retold by Eric A. Kimmel (1st+)

An old woman baking a gingerbread man made the mistake of opening the oven too soon to see if he was done baking. Out of the oven popped the gingerbread man and he ran away. He was able to run from the old woman, the old man, and many of the farm animals. But when he reaches the lake he can’t cross he meets the fox. The fox says he will take him across and the gingerbread man hops on his back . As they swim across, the water gets deeper and pretty soon the gingerbread man finds himself on the foxes snout. What will happen? Read The Gingerbread Man retold by Eric Kimmel to find out.


by Eugene Trivizas (3rd+)

In this hilarious modern twist of the fairytale The Three Little Pigs, the wolves are the ones being hunted by the pig. The wolves set out to build a home and they begin with building a brick house. Soon, along comes the Big Bad Pig who huffs and puffs and tries to blow their brick house down. When this doesn’t work he brings in his sledgehammer to take down the house and the wolves have to start over with their building. From concrete to steel, no matter what the wolves use to build their house the pig finds a way to destroy it. Will the wolves build a house that the Big Bad Pig can’t destroy? Find out when you read the comical spin-off The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas.


by Dr. Seuss (3rd+)

Dr. Seuss can read books all sorts of ways. He can read with his eyes shut, he can read in a circle and he can even read upside down. Read along with him and see if you too can read many different ways.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


by Dr. Seuss (5th+)

A young boy walks to and from school every day and every day when he gets home his father asks the same question, “What did you see on your way home from school today?” The boy doesn’t want to answer something boring about what he actually did see so he tells his father what he imagines could happen. What types of things can he imagine? Well, find out when you read Dr. Seuss’s And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street.


by Bonnie Worth (2nd+)

In this tale of the rainforest, Dr. Seuss takes you on a tour telling you the facts. He explains about the different levels of the rainforest as well as which animals, plants, and trees can be found there. Tag along with Dr. Seuss as he has an adventure in the rainforest learning everything there is to know about rainforests.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


by Dr. Seuss (K+)

Mr. Brown can moo and make all kinds of sounds. He can do thunder and lightning and even a cat drinking. Mr. Brown can even make the sound of a goldfish kiss or a hippopotamus chewing gum. Can you make these sounds? Read Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? and find out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


by Dr. Seuss (4th+)

While fishing in McElligot’s pool one young boy dreams of what might be in there. He knows that there might only be tin cans and old boots at the bottom of McElligot’s Pool. But he dreams instead that McElligot’s Pool breaks into an underground river that goes all the way under town and out to sea where all kinds of strange fish can swim through the river and end up in McElligot’s Pool. Now using his imagination he comes up with all kinds of fish that might swim up including an eel type fish with two heads, Eskimo fish who have parkas, a kangaroo fish with a pouch, a grouchy fish who looks like the Grinch, and even a dog fish with collar who would chase all of the cat fish to McElligot’s Pool too. To find out what other strange fish this young man has imagined, pick up and read McElligot’s Pool by Dr. Seuss.


by Paul Fleischman (4th+)

Joyful Noise is a book of poems about insects in which two people read. You can read these poems with a friend, a family member, or anyone else you can think of. Using two voices to read the poems makes them sound even better. In some poems you may start a sentence while your partner finishes it. Some sentences you and your partner may read at the same time. Enjoy this fun book of partner poems and have a good time with a friend.


by Dr. Seuss (2nd+)

Have you ever had a day where you maybe felt like a color? Well, in My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss you can take a journey with a little boy who tells us each color and with that color how he feels. He has days that are black and he feels mad or angry. He has days that are green when he feels like a fish, cool and quiet. He even has days when the colors get all mixed up and he feels like he doesn’t know who he is. Find out what other feelings this boy has with certain colors when you read My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.


by James Marshall (2nd+)

Fox has broken his bike and thinks that his mother will just give him money to buy a new one. But he gets a big surprise when his mother tells him that if he wants money for a new bike he will have to get a job. Even his little sister won’t help him out. Soon, he can’t stand not having a bike and decides to begin looking for a job. Each job he tries however he has trouble with. He either quits or gets fired for not doing what he is supposed to. He finally finds the perfect job and you won’t believe what it is. To find out read Fox on the Job by James Marshall.


by Dom DeLuise (2nd+)

This is a comical spinoff of the original Hansel & Gretel. When Hansel & Gretel lose their mother to a sickness the mean old Ms. Brown from next store starts coming by a lot to visit their father. Pretty soon Ms. Brown and their father get married and they hear Ms. Brown plotting to get rid of them. She wants to take them out in the woods and leave them there for some other family to find and take care of. But when Hansel & Gretel hear this they know they must do something. So when it comes time for their picnic in the woods the two children leave behind a trail of beans to follow home. When they return to the beans though they find they have been eaten by the forest animals. They think they will be stuck in the forest forever until they come upon a gingerbread house with so many sugary treats that they think they are in candy heaven. But they are soon to find out that Mrs.’s Glut Annie who lives in the house has a secret and does not intend to let the children leave. Will they find out before it is too late? Read Dom DeLuise’s Hansel & Gretel.


by Mercer Mayer (1st+)

One little boy does everything he can to keep the nightmare from getting out of his closet at night when he goes to bed. He makes sure the closet door is shut tight and then climbs into bed with his toy gun and hides. But one night when he gets brave and decides to peek what does he find? When you read There’s a Nightmare in my closet you will surely find out.


by Dr. Seuss (1st+)

Everyone and everything are up! The animals are up, kites are up, feet are up, and even elevators are up. Everyone that is except one, can you guess who it is? Well, in order to find out you will need to read Dr. Seuss’s Great Day for Up.


by Maryann Cocca-Leffler (1st+)

Some people have all the luck! Others have all the bad luck! What would you do if you had bad luck all the time? What if your birthday party was cancelled because of a huge snowstorm, would your birthday be ruined? Find out what one little girl does when this happens to her and whether or not her birthday is ruined when you read Ice-Cold Birthday by Maryann Cocca-Leffler.

Friday, February 27, 2009


by Lynne Cherry (1st+)

Two men enter the rainforest and one of them points at the Kapok tree then leaves. The other man begins to chop at the tree with his axe. Pretty soon he begins to get tired and decides to take a break under the tree and have a little nap. While he is dozing the rainforest animals who call the Kapok tree their home whisper facts into his ear hoping to get through to him that the Kapok tree is important to them and that he should not chop it down. When he wakes up, what will he do? Will he leave it alone or continue chopping? Find out when you read The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.


Magic Tree House #6 (2nd+)
by Mary Pope Osbourne

Jack and Annie are on another adventure to find something for Morgan. This time they find themselves in the rainforest and eventually on the Amazon river fighting snakes, crocodiles, and pirahnuas. Can they get Morgan’s item and still be able to find the tree house hidden among the 150 feet tall trees? Find out when you read Magic Tree House book #6, Afternoon on the Amazon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


by Mark Teague (3rd+)

Floyd and Wendall are the best of friends who always walk to school together in the morning. They have one problem though, they can never make it to school on time. When Wendall suggests taking a shortcut, they find that they go through quiet an adventure but are finally able to make it to school on time. Now, every day they try a new shortcut which gets them to school on time but find out what they go through to do so. Read The Secret Shorcut by Mark Teague.


retold and illustrated by Glen Rounds (2nd+)

There are three billy goats by the name of Gruff. One is small, one is medium, and the third is large. One day they come upon a bridge which they must cross in orderto get to the nice fresh grass on the other side, but hidingunder the bridge is an ugly mean troll who wants to eat them. Can they get across the bridge and if so, how canthey do it? Read the Three Billy Goats Gruff retold byGlen Rounds to find out.


by John Bianchi (1st+)

Princess Frownsalot has never been happy and makes everyone around her unhappy too. She always has a frown on her face and when it gets stuck that way, her family brings in Dr. Helmut Von Katzinbottin to try and help her. His solution is to do a smile transplant with the cat. What happens when this goes wrong though? Find out when you read Princess Frownsalot by John Bianchi.


by Natalia M. Belting (1st+)

Do you believe that at one time bears had long tails like a squirrel until the fox tricked the bear and his tail was frozen off? Do you believe that the turtle ended up with a shell like the one he has because his shell was broken by a rock and then magically glued back together? These and more legends can be found in this story of The Long-Tailed Bear and Other Indian Legends by Natalia M. Belting.


retold by Richard Vaughan (K+)

This is the legend of how the sky became the sky with twinkling stars called the Big Dipper. At one time the sky was so low that the people were hitting their heads on it and decided that it would not do to have the sky so low. The people decided to get long poles and push the sky up further. When they did this however, they did not realize that some of their boys had chased deer into the sky and they were still in it when they pushed it up higher. The legend says that those boy and the deer who were in the sky became the bright stars known today as the Big Dipper. To read this legend and find out about the lifting of the sky read Lift the Sky Up retold by Richard Vaughan.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


by Hanneke Ippisch (1st+)

All of the animals of the woods are coming from near and far for a meeting. This isn’t just any meeting however, they are all coming together to honor the brave bear. Read this wonderful tale, Spotted Bear: A Rocky Mountain Folktale, to find out how the spotted bear earns and receives his spots.


Magic Tree House #24 (2nd+)
by Mary Pope Osbourne

Jack and Annie are on a new mission to find the last piece of writing they need to locate for Morgan in order to help someone again. This time they are headed to the year 1609 in San Francisco. When they arrive they find themselves in the middle of the great earthquake of San Francisco in which the town was completely destroyed and had to be rebuilt. Will they be able to locate this writing they need and get back to their time? Find out when you read Earthquake in the EarlyMorning.

Monday, February 2, 2009


by Judy Cox (1st+)

Groundhog is supposed to be asleep until February 2nd when he will step outside and see what the whether is like. But this time he just cannot sleep, he keeps tossing and turning. Soon he decides to take a walk and see if it might help him become tired. While out walking he finally gets to see Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas being celebrated but when he finally makes it to sleep it doesn’t seem like he gets to sleep very long. What will he find when he steps out of his burrow, will he see his shadow and hide leaving six more weeks of winter or will it be Spring time. Find out when you read Go To Sleep, Groundhog!


by Syd Hoff (K+)

Poor Grizzwold! His home is being destroyed as the trees are being cut down but there is nothing he can do about it. So, Grizzwold sets out to find a new home but as he finds each new place he is told that he is not wanted there. Can he find a new home where he is wanted and can be safe? Find out when you read Grizzwold by Syd Hoff.


by Laura Numeroff (K+)

What happens if you promise a pig a party? Well, she is going to begin asking for more things. Find out what else pig asks for in order to throw her grand party when you read If You Give a Pig a Party by Laura Numeroff.


by Michael Garland (1st+)

Miss Smith is the best storyteller ever. Her students can’t wait to get to class each day to just hear the stories she reads from her Incredible Storybook. Her stories come to life and take them on all kinds of adventures. The one rule is that you cannot interfere or do anything that might change the story. If this happens then the story and all of the characters will not be able to return to the book, and they must. So, when Miss Smith reads the story of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World her students find themselves in the Amazon among dinosaurs. But what happens when one of her students breaks the rule and interferes? Find out when you read Miss Smith Reads Again by Michael Garland.


by Susanne Bettiger (1st+)

Oscar, the crab gets so nervous when he is around others that his tongue gets all twisted and his words come out jumbled together. One day when he reads a favorite poem to the class and he gets the words jumbled, the class laughs at him. Oscar runs away from school where he finds Doctor Octopus who is a speech fixer. Oscar works with Doctor Octopus on his word jumbling and eventually is able to speak with others without getting all tongue twisted. Read this story of confidence and follow along with Oscar as he defeats his problem of getting tongue twisted.