Thursday, November 20, 2008


by Deborah Wiles (4th+)

Comfort Snowberger is a ten-year-old girl who has grown up in a funeral home run by her family. Comfort spends her time in her closet-her favorite place-writing what she calls “Life Reports,” otherwise known at the town paper as obituaries. She has been to over 247funerals since she was four year old. She is used to death and thinks she understands it. That is until her great-great aunt Florentine passes away and everything seems to go downhill from there. Her best friend Declaration has turned mean towards her and her annoying, sobby cousin Peach has come to town for the funeral. He just will not leave Comfort alone and she can’t stand him. As Comfort soon comes to find she doesn’t know everything about death and grieving but she learns a great lesson within a tragedy. Read Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles and find how Comfort copes with death and tragedy.


by Anthony Horowitz (5th+)

Alex thought he was alone in the world with only his friend and housekeeper Jack Starbright. But when he finds out that there is one person who can tell him more about his parents he goes looking for him. As it turns out, when he finds this person, whose name is Ash, he also finds himself back into trouble and another mission, this time with the Australians and their ASIS team. Fighting against the Scorpia once again, Alex must stop them from destroying half of Australia with a giant tsunami. But what he finds out from this man, Ash, might not be what Alex wants to hear. Read Snakehead and follow Alex on this new adventure into his parents past and into his future.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


by Denys Cazet (1st+)

Moo has been reading again. This time she has been reading magazines and dreaming of all the places she could go and visit. She convinces Minnie that they need to go and see Africa, Paris, and China. So, off they go on their new adventure. Along the way they meet new friends who are interested in seeing America, where Minnie and Moo are from. So, Minnie and Moo invite them on the trip to see Paris and China and finally America, back at the farm. Join Minnie and Moo and their new friends on this hilarious adventure through what they believe are Africa, Paris and China. Read Minnie and Moo Go to Paris by Denys Cazet.


by Denys Cazet (1st+)

One night Minnie and Moo are relaxing in the farmers hot tub when Moo begins thinking about the stars. She sees a shooting star and it looks to have landed on the hill under their tree. When she tells Minnie though, Minnie says she thinks to much. But Moo sees two more shooting stars fall right at the same place. Could they be UFO’s? Moo wants to check it out but Minnie says she thinks to much. Were they UFO’s and if so what will happen to the farm? Find out when you read Minnie and Moo Save the Earth.


by Denys Cazet (1st+)

Moo has been reading about heroes such as Zorro. When she tells Minnie about what she has read, about how heroes like Zorro used to save others from those who were bad, they decide that they should be heroes. So, dressed in clothes they have found in the barn, they set off through the farm to stop evil-doers. Find out who they help and what weapons they use to defeat the bad ones when you read Minnie and Moo and the Musk of Zorro.


by Denys Cazet

Minnie and Moo are two of the strangest cows you will ever meet. One night while sleeping, Minnie has a horrible dream about a giant rat who eats the last of the chocolate. Minnie awakens Moo and begins to explain what happened in her nightmare. While they are talking their bed begins to roll down the hill. They catch it but it is already going to fast to stop. As they roll along they pick up a few friends. When they finally come to a stop a ghost walks up to them and says the strangest thing, “Trick or Treat.” They decide that in order to save the chocolate they must go from house to house and do tricks in order to get treats. Read Minnie and Moo: The Night of the Living Bed to find out what comical tricks they play and what happens when they run into the giant rat!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Book 6 of the Alex Rider Adventures (5th+)
by Anthony Horowitz

Once again Alex finds himself in trouble and with another mission when he is supposed to be on vacation getting some much needed rest and relaxation. After being injured from his last mission, Alex is in a hospital where he meets another boy his age named Paul Drevin. When some men try to kidnap Paul, Alex steps in and takes his place. Paul’s father, billionaire Nikolai Drevin, asks Alex to join them in watching the launching of a rocket that is going up to the Ark Angel, the first hotel in space, which Nikolai with the help of the British government has created. But when the CIA again approach Alex, he soon finds that maybe Nikolai isn’t the great guy that everyone thinks he is. Alex has come upon another dangerous plot-this time to destroy Washington. Can Alex stop it and what about his new friend Paul? Find out when you read Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz.


Book 5 of the Alex Rider Adventures (5th+)
by Anthony Horowitz

Alex has learned a family secret. Before Yassen Gregorivich died he told Alex that his father was an assassin who in fact trained Yassen. He tells Alex that he must venture to Venice and look up Scorpia. What does this mean? Alex doesn’t know whether Scorpia is a person or a place or a group of people, but in order to find out more about his father he travels to Venice and finds out what he can. In the process, he finds another secret, M16 may have been involved in the death of his father. Not sure who to trust, Alex is on a ride between M16 and Scorpia. Who is telling the truth and whom should he be working for? He must find out quickly before his homeland and the other children who live there are murdered. Can he do it? Find out when you read Scorpia, book 5 by Anthony Horowitz.


Book 4 of the Alex Rider Adventures (5th+)
by Anthony Horowitz

Alex is once again on vacation, having a great time with his friend Sabina and her parents, when disaster strikes. Someone attacks Sabina’s family and Alex believes it to have been Yassen Gregorivich, the killer for hire who had murdered his uncle. Alex finds out that Yassen was hired to kill Sabina’s father by a very wealthy and popular man, Damian Cray. Cray is a millionaire pop idol who has his hand in everything around the world including a new life-like video game system and antidrug campaigns. So, when Alex takes his information to M16, they don’t believe that Damian Cray could have been involved and that Alex is overreacting. So, Alex sets out on his own to findproof of Damian Cray’s involvement and ends up finding himself struggling to stay alive. As it turns out, Damian Cray is a mad man who has a plan to save the world which will ultimately destroy it. Read this action packed book, Eagle Strike, where Alex has to fight his way through a bull fight, an actual human video game, and a high speed chase through the streets of Paris to stay alive and bring down Damian Cray before he destroys the world.