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by Cynthia Leitich Smith (5th+)

Cassidy Rain Berghoff never imagined that the one special New Years Eve with her best friend Galen would end in tragedy. Dealing with loss is very difficult for her and she finds herself cut off from the rest of the world. That is until she is hired by the town paper to take pictures of the Indian camp her aunt has just begun. During this job, Rain finds herself stuck between joining friends and peers at Indian camp or staying professional while taking photos for the paper. Will she be able to reconnect with her friends in the camp after her loss and isolation?


by Witi Tame Ihimaera (4th+)

How would you feel if the day you were born your grandfather stated he would have nothing to do with you, just because you were a girl instead of a boy. Here begins the tale of Kahu and the Whale Rider. Being born a girl, Kahu tries everything to gain the affections of her grandfather, the chief of their New Zealand tribe. Though her grandfather is successful in having nothing to do with her he is about to find that he has made a mistake in searching for a male all this time to uphold family tradition. He is forced to see that not only does Kahu have a gift that allows her to communicate with
whales but she may be the one to save everything and move the tribe towards their intended future. Hold on for this experience with Kahu, Whale Rider.


by Louise Erdrich (1st+)

A young girl recalls her memories of the Range Eternal stove they had in their house that fought off the Windigo, the ice monster. It was also where her mother and her would spend time cooking together. This stove was a large part of their life until a newer stove came along and this changed a lot.


by Nicola I. Campbell (K+)

Shi-Shi-Etco means “she loves to play in the water” Shi-Shi-Etco is leaving her native family to go to an Indian Residential school far away with all of the other children. She will not see her family for several months, maybe even years. Her family helps her to collect memories before she leaves to always keep with her.


by Marge Bruchac (2nd+)

Malian loves spending time with her family, like when she learns to fish from her father. Her Abanaki family lives in a French built town. Some of the town and her family have set up winter camp in a ravine over from the town. During a celebration, a stranger shows up and warns of an attack on the town at next dawn. Many people are saved by being at winter camp but many die also. One of those who does not make it back to camp is Malian’s father.

**Based on the 1759 Roger’s Raid, an English attack made by Major Robert Rogers on St. Francis Abanaki community.


by Cynthia Leitich Smith (3rd+)

Ray Halfmoon prefers hightops, but he gladly trades them for a nice pair of moccasins for his grandpa. After all its Grandpa Halfmoon whose always there to help Ray get in and out of scrapes-like the time they were forced to get creative after a homemade haircut made Ray’s head look like a lawn mowing accident. There’s also that almost embarrassing moment at a friends wedding involving missing clothing. Grandpa is always there for everyone, but especially Ray.


by Joy Harjo (K+)

This is the story of the nine lives of a cat. Woogie is one of those cats who when you pet them good things happen. He is a good luck cat. However, Woogie is quick to go through her nine lives. From sleeping in the wrong places to hunting and boys who are not nice she goes through eight lives during the story. Then Woogie disappears. Where did she go? Will she come back?


by Michelle Renner (1st+)

A young Athabascan girl watches every year for the salmon to return while her family prepares for them. They will catch, prepare, and store the fish for winter. One day when the fish return, the young girl wishes to get a better look. Leaning closer she falls in with the king salmon and becomes one. While living as a fish she learns secrets from the fish that will keep them coming back. These she shares with her family when she returns.


by Ramona Maher (2nd+)

This story takes us through one year in the life of an eleven year old Navajo girl named Yazzie. It goes month by month mentioning trips to Disneyland, celebrating Christmas, losing a friend, and making a Halloween costume among much more. Throughout everything Yazzie is learning and showing that beauty is everywhere and beauty is happiness.

**Gives the Navajo word for each month and an explanation of what they mean in the back.


told by Linda Yamane E 398.2 Y (2nd+)

When the World Ended is the story of five very different birds from the Eagle to a hummingbird who work together to bring back the earth from being underwater. It tells of how one eagle feather helped to rid the world of all of the water and how the eagle is never to be hurt because without him what kind of world might we have now. The second short story, How Hummingbird Got Fire tells of the hummingbird’s journey to bring fire back to the world after the water was gone and how this task turned his throat bright red. The third story, how People Were Made, tells of how the birds along with the help of some badgers created people from clay and rock.


by Seraphine G. Yazzie
Navajo by Peter A. Thomas

This story is similar to The Three Little Pigs except instead of three little pigs and a wolf it is three little sheep and a coyote. The three little sheep leave home and eventually wind up back together as the coyote chases each destroying houses along the way. It tells about each type of house built - a tepee, a Hogan, and a grass hut and what they are made of.


by Simon J. Ortiz (4th+)
Written in Keres, English, and Spanish

This tale begins with a village named Oak Place and the drought problem the village was having. The village no longer received any water or snow. All plants, and food that was planted were dying. Even the Oak trees for which the village was named were beginning to die without water. The people of the village held a meeting to try and figure out why they were no longer getting any water from their streams or lakes. One older woman suggested sending two young boys up the mountain to speak with the Shiwana, spirit of rain and snow, to tell her of their troubles without water. On their journey the two brothers chosen, encounter high winds, dry lands where nothing is living, tall mountains, and hardest of all-a deep canyon filled with molten lava that halts their journey forward. While thinking of how to get across the lava pit, the youngest brother notices a blind woman heading right for the pit. He saves her and in turn she helps him make a rainbow bridge across the canyon. The brothers continue their journey with new and sacred knowledge.


by Marlene Carvell (4th+)

Two Mohawk sisters, Mattie and Sarah, are taken away to a boarding school because they are told it is what would be best for them. Together, they endure great hardships and punishment at their new boarding school. They have teachers that they like and those that they don’t. They work and do chores. Sometimes they eat, they sleep, and they march everywhere. The headmistress, Mrs.’s Dwyer seems to be out to get them for anything and everything.


by Shirley Sterling (4th+)

Seepeetza is the name that Martha Stone is called at home on her ranch. As she turned six years old however, just as any other American Indian child, she is taken to an Indian residential boarding school where nothing of her Indian family can be kept. All of the Indian students at this school must cut their hair, they have to go by their English name, and they are not allowed to speak the language of their family or carry on any of the traditions. One of the only times that any of the children or Seepeetza are allowed to go home is at Christmas. The school is run by strict and unhappy nuns. The rules they must follow are biased and unfair,
and when broken their are severe consequences. This is the story of one girl among many American Indian children who were forced into residential boarding schools and how she dealt with everything that happened while there.


by S.D. Nelson (2nd+)

A young boy in a Lakota camp is given a “Gift Horse” from his father. This horse, which he names Storm because of its color and markings, is to become his best friend. The Lakota people name this young man Flying Cloud because of the clouds of dust he and Storm leave behind them everywhere they go. While Flying Cloud moves from boyhood into manhood, Storm is always there. When a group of Crow warriors one night steals some of the Lakota horses, including Storm, the Lakotas as well as Flying Cloud are furious. They go on a raid to not only get their horses back but to also steal as many of the Crow horses as they possibly can. When Flying Cloud and his “Gift Horse” are reunited they continue to create memories that will live with the Lakota people.


by Joseph Bruchac ( 3rd+)

Danny Bigtree has just moved to the city of Brooklyn with his mother and father. His mother has gotten a job at the American Indian Community House in Manhattan and his father works as an ironworker wherever he can get jobs. So far Danny is not liking the move, he misses the Mohawk Reservation and the surround area. His new school in Brooklyn is not working out for him either. He doesn’t seem to fit in with the other kids. The kids in his class call him “Chief” and tease him about being indian, something he is very proud of. Can he find the courage to stand up for himself and make the best of what he has in Brooklyn?


by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve (4th+)

Norman Two Bull is a fifteen year old who lives on a Dakota Reservation with his parents. His grandfather encourages him to climb to the top of a sacred butte, the Butte of the Thunders, where young boys used to go for their vision quests. Norman will be searching for agates while trying to avoid rattlesnakes and rock slides. While searching, he comes across an ancient stick, a coup stick, which has the power to make strange and unusual things happen. When these strange and unusual things begin to happen, Norman finds himself thinking not only of the money he can get for the agates found on the wakan, or holy hill, but about the mysterious coup stick as well. Can
Norman come to understand the wakan as his grandfather sees it or will money be what he associates with the hill?


by Joseph Bruchac (4th+)

In 1759 there was a war going on between the British and the French and the Abanaki tribe has joined on the side of the French. On a night of celebration, a whisper from the bushes warns a young man, Saxso, that the British are preparing to attack the Abanaki village that night. All of the Abanaki warriors, as well as their French partners, are out looking for the British and it seems the British has snuck in behind them. So, at the age of fourteen, Saxso must warn the village and help to get his mother and sisters out of harms way. After the British attack and everyone looks at the destruction that has been left behind, many find family members missing, including Saxso. His mother and sisters are nowhere to be found. When a woman from the tribe says she saw them being taken by the British as captives, Saxso sets out to track them and bring them back. While other Abanaki warriors have set out to find and kill the British, Saxso’s only goal is to find his family and return them to the village safely. Will he be able to track down his mother and sisters in time and will he survive to return to the village with them? To find out read this thrilling story of one young man and his journey to rescue his family.


by Beth Cuthand (1st+)
Cree by Stan Cuthand

A little mud duck wants to become a Cree dancer because he doesn’t feel like he belongs anywhere. So he gets himself all dressed up and heads for the Cree camp. When he gets there however, he cannot communicate with the Cree people, nor can they communicate with them. He soon finds that perhaps he is not supposed to be a Cree dancer and so heads back to his pond. The little mud duck finds that he fits in the best with other mud ducks of his kind and finally finds where he needs to be.


by Louise Erdrich (4th+)

Omakayas and her family live on the land her people call the Island of the Golden-Breasted Woodpecker. Every summer they build a new birchbark house; every fall they go to ricing camp to harvest and feast; they move to the cedar log house before the first snows arrive, and celebrate the end of the long, cold winters at maple-sugaring camp. While all of this is going on, Omakaya fights with he little brother Pinch, takes care of and adores her baby brother Neewo, and looks up to her older sister Angeline. Everything is changed when a visitor comes into their camp one night. This visitor leaves behind invisible death. Overcome with hurt and grief, Omakayas must survive and listen to her surroundings to finally understand her true calling.


by Pamela Porter (3rd+)

In 1964 eleven-year-old Georgia lives with her grandparents, Paw Paw and Gramma, on the edge of the Blackfeet Reservation. That spring it rains and rains, and one afternoon the creek behind their house suddenly becomes a wall of water, washing away everything the family owns – their house, their barn and even Daisy, the only stuffed animal Georgia has ever had. Through sheer determination, Georgia and her grandparents gradually rebuild their lives, but it is when Georgia finds Sky – a foal that somehow survived the flood – that the family begins to find meaning again despite their losses.


Seven Native American Plays for Children
By Joseph Bruchac (2nd+)

Plays include:
Gluskabe and Old Man Winter Abenaki
Star Sisters Ojibway
Possum’s Tail Cherokee
Wihio’s Duck Dance Cheyenne
Pushing Up the Sky Snohomish
The Cannibal Monster Tlingit
The Strongest One Zuni

Lists characters and non-speaking roles. Includes ideas for props and scenery-how they should really look. Also ideas for costumes, clothing and such that would actually be worn by that tribe. The plays include pronunciation for native languages with the English translation of what it means.


by Lenore Keeshig-Tobias (K+)
Ojibway translation by Rose Nadjiwon

When her mother wants to go to the grocery store, Emma shows just how much she does not like that idea by crying nonstop. Her mother tries everything she can think of to get Emma ready to go to the store and to stop crying. Looking up at the sky in defeat, Emma’s mother gets an idea when she sees the trees overhead waving in the wind. From that day forward Emma is friends with the trees everywhere and she speaks to them as they speak to her. Enjoy this story and then see how you too can speak with trees and have them speak back.


by Joseph Bruchac (2nd+)

Crazy Horse was not born Crazy Horse. His name when he was younger was Curly for his head of curly hair. As Curly grew older he found himself leading and helping others. When the white people began to move across Lakota land trouble began to brew and the Lakota chief was killed. At this point Curly decided he needed to do something, so he went on a spiritual quest for a vision to help him understand. As he later learned, his vision was one of him again helping and leading the Lakota people. When told of this vision, Curly’s father Tashunka Witco (or Crazy Horse in English) passed on his name to his son. So Curly became Crazy Horse, leader and defender of the Lakota people. His name stood for the bravest of all the Lakotas.


Magic Tree House #18 (2nd+)
By Mary Pope Osbourne

Jack and Annie are about to set out on another adventure. A small dog named Teddy has come back to them with a note explaining that he is under s apell and that Jack and Annie must collect four special items in order to change him back. This time they will be traveling to the Great Plains to gain a gift from the Prairie Blue. While there, they meet a Lakota boy and have a run in with buffalo. At the same time they are learning important new information from the Lakota people. Will they get a gift from the Praire Blue and make it back in time to meet their grandmother for


Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow Series #7
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

Jack and his crew have now decided that after all of the treasure hunting and battles they need to take a little break. They end up sailing back to New Orleans for some much needed rest. When they sail into the port at New Orleans they find yet another problem and adventure to come. The entire city has been covered in precious metal-gold. Everything is gold! They soon find also that the city is now ruled by a woman named Madame Minuit. Along with another ships crew, Jack and his find themselves in another battle to take back the city of New Orleans from Madame Minuit and return it to its normal state. Can these two crews work together and defeat Madame Minuit or will the city of New Orleans stay forever covered in gold? Find the answer when you read City of Gold by Rob Kidd.


Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow Series #6
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

Now Jack and his crew have had all they can take with Bronze. They still want to treasure hunt though. So when a couple of the members of Jacks crew overhear some information about some silver they decide to go looking for it. They soon find themselves in trouble again when it turns out that the silver they thought they were looking for is not exactly what they wanted. Now they have created problems with another pirate by the name of Long John. What will happen in this fight with another new pirate of the Carribbean? Find out when you read Silver, the sixth book of the Jack Sparrow series.


Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow Series #5
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

After finding the Sword of Cortes and dealing with all of the magic power it holds, Jack and his crew just want to forget about magic and get away from it all for a while. Their plan is to go treasure hunting. However, they soon find that hunting treasure and magic are connected. On their treasure hunting expedition they find a young sailor who has the ability to turn anything he touches bronze. Not just the color bronze though. This sailor turns everything solid bronze. Will this be an extraordinary treasure hunt with lots of treasure or a disaster that Jack and his crew have to help clean up? Read The Age of Bronze and discover the truth behind the sailor and his ability to turn things bronze.


Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow Series #4
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

They’ve done it! Jack and his crew and finally found the Sword of Cortes. However, along with it, they also found Cortes-or the ghost of Cortes. Cortes is a very powerful conquistador with the strong powers of a god. Part of those powers come from the sword and he would like to teach Jack how to use the powers. His plan is to give Jack the power to rule the world and help him destroy with it. Will Jack and his crew be able to beat Cortes or will Jack use the sword and its power to do evil? Read The Sword of Cortes and find out what Jack decides to do.


Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow Series #3
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

In the first book, Jack was on a journey to find the Sword of Cortes. Well, he found that the another pirate by the name of Left-Foot Louis has the sword. So now Jack and his crew are headed out to find Left-Foot Louis and take the sword from him. Along the way, Jack adds another member to his crew. Her name is Arabella and Jack does not know it yet but she has a score to settle with Left-Foot Louis also. Will she make things worse for Jack and his crew with her anger over what Left-Foot Louis did to her? Find out when you read The Pirate Chase, #3 in the Pirates of the Carribbean, Jack Sparrow series.


Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow Series #2
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

What has happened to Jack’s crew? As he looks around they all seem to be in some kind of trance. A couple of them try to jump off the ship into the ocean and so he ends up tying all of them to the ship. He soon finds out that they are in a trance, in fact it is the sirens of the sea that are doing it. Meanwhile Jack must battle giant sea creatures and merfolk who wish to stop his journey. Can Jack help his crew and save his ship or will the sirens and sea creatures be the end of their adventures? Read The Siren Song by Rob Kidd to find the answers.


Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow Series #1
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

Jack Sparrow is a kid on an adult mission. He has put together a crew of other children as he as found them on his many adventures. Jack has convinced the others that they need to go and find the Sword of Cortes. It is agreed and they begin their voyage to find the sword. It turns out to be more of a task then they thought when they have a run-in with other pirates and bad storms that threaten to end the adventure before it really even begins. Will Jack and his crew make it to the Sword of Cortes? Find out when you read The Coming Storm by Rob Kidd.


by Jeff Brown (2nd+)

Stanley Lambchop wakes up one morning to find that he has become invisible. Something happened during the storm the night before. Now Stanley must go through his daily routines such as breakfast, school, and playing while invisible. Stanley’s mother creates a balloon face for Stanley to carry around with him, so in a way he can be seen. Stanley keeps busy helping out others without their even knowing, he makes an appearance on a TV talk show, and he helps to stop two bank robbers from getting away with the money. Will Stanley be happy being invisible and will he stay that way forever? Find out be reading Invisible Stanley.


by Jeff Brown (2nd+)

Stanley Lambchop has found a magical lamp with a genie inside. He is allowed to make any wishes he wants. After his family finds out about the wishes they begin to make them too. Soon the Lambchop family has fame, superpowers, a magical new pet, and even a grand flying adventure. However, they soon find that maybe all of these magical wishes are not exactly what they want. They are not what they expected. Will the Lambchop’s be able to take back their wishes and what will happen to the genie, Prince Haraz, once all the wishes are made? Read Stanley and the Magic Lamp to find out.


by Jeff Brown (2nd+)

Stanley Lambchop and his family are about to take flight in the Star Scout, a new top-secret spaceship. Stanley has been hand picked by the President of the United States to go on this mission because of all of the strange things that seem to happen to him. He is about to go on a grand journey which includes meeting the Queen of England, having a birthday party in outer space, and saving the planet from danger. Will Stanley and his family have a great time but still be able to make it home safely?


by Jeff Brown (2nd+)

When Santa Claus refuses to go out and deliver toys this year because of all the greed and hate he has seen lately, his wife and his daughter are very worried. His daughter, Sarah, takes it upon herself to do something to help change his mind. Behind Santa’s desk, framed and hung on the wall, is a letter that Santa had really enjoyed getting from a young boy named Stanley Lambchop, who at one time had been flat. Sarah decides that if she can get Stanley to come and talk to her father, Santa, then maybe they can still save Christmas for everyone. So Stanley and his family are on another adventure, this time to the North Pole to talk with Santa Clause and to try and save Christmas. Will Stanley and his family be able to make Santa see that there is still good in the world and that he should still carry on with Christmas, delivering all of the presents as planned, or will Christmas be ruined this year? Read Stanley’s Christmas Adventure to find out.


by Jeff Brown (2nd+)

Stanley Lambchop has mysteriously become flat again. This time on his adventures he helps win a boat race by acting as a sail, and he helps save a girls life when she gets stuck in a building that has fallen down. Stanley also realizes though that he really does not like to be flat. Why do these things always happen to him? Will he ever become normal again or this time will he stay flat forever? Read Stanley Flat Again! to find out.


by Jeff Brown (2nd+)

Stanley Lambchop wakes up one morning to find that he has turned flat. During the night, a bulletin board fell on him and now he is only a half an inch thick. Stanley soon finds that being flat has its benefits. He can be rolled up, mailed, flown like a kite, and can even come in handy when trying to catch art thieves. Will Stanley ever get tired of being flat and want to change back? Will he even be able to change back if he does decides he wants to? Read Flat Stanley to find out.


by Barbara Park #11 (2nd+)

Junie B. Jones goes along with her father to get his hair cut. While at the beauty shop the lady lets Junie B. help her so Junie decides that she wants to become a beauty shop guy and cut hair. Only her father has told her that beauty shop people have years and years of practice. Junie B. Jones decides then that she needs to get started practicing. This could be a mess! Read Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy to find out who gets to have Junie B. cut there hair and how it will all turn out in the end.


by Barbara Park (1st+)

Junie B. Jones and her friend Gracie have been invited to have a sleepover at Lucille’s house. The one problem is that Lucille and her family happen to be very rich. When the girls show up at Lucille’s house they find that there are toys they cannot play with, there are things they cannot even sit on, and for every meal Lucille’s grandma puts the food in her good china and crystal dishes. This could be a very big problem, especially for Junie B. Jones who is very excited, a little clumsy, and tends to make a mess. Find out what happens when Junie B. Jones visits the rich house of Lucille for a sleepover by reading Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal.


by Barbara Park #16 (1st+)

Junie B. Jones’ kindergarten class is having a field day and everyone is very excited about it. They will be racing and doing events with the other kindergarten class, room 8. Each group wants to win really badly and in each group one person has been chosen to be the team captain. Guess who drew the team captain slip in room 9. You guessed it, Junie B. Jones did. However, Junie B. Jones does not seem to know exactly what a team captain is supposed to do. She thinks that it makes her the boss of the team and a superhero. Will she be able to figure out that a team captain helps support the team before it is too late? Will she be able to lead her class, room 9, to victory or will someone else have to do it? To find out which room wins the field day and if Junie B. Jones makes a good captain, read Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day.


by Barbara Park #17 (1st+)

Junie B. Jones is about to graduate from kindergarten. On Friday, all of the kindergarten kids are given their white cap and gowns for the graduation. Mrs.’s asks the students not to play with their caps and gowns so that they don’t get dirty and they will look nice for graduation. Read Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl to find out what happens with Junie’s cap and gown and how the graduation turns out for all of kindergarten.


by Barbara Park #3 (1st+)

Monday, in room 9, is going to be job day. Everyone is talking about what job they are going to have when they grow up. Each student is supposed to dress up for the job that they want when they get older and tell about it on
Monday. While other students are discussing which jobs they will choose on the bus home that Friday, Junie B. Jones is sad because she does not know what to be. Other kids have chosen jobs like a superhero, a painter, and a person who unlocks doors. Then Junie B. Jones goes shooting her mouth off about how she could do all three jobs at the same time. Now what is she going to do. She doesn’t think there is really a job like that. Which job will Junie end up picking for Monday? Find out by reading Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth.


by Barbara Park #15 (1st+)

When Junie B. Jones’ kindergarten class is going on a field trip to a farm she is very worried. She tries everything she can think of to get out of going all because she is scared of ponies and roosters. Will she be able to get over her fears of farm animals and enjoy the field trip? Read Junie B. Jones has a Peep in Her Pocket to find out.


by Barbara Park (1st+)

Junie B. Jones is so excited about the trip she gets to take with her parents. The day after she found out happened to be the day of show-and-tell at school and she could barely keep in her secret until it was her turn to share. Finally, when it was her turn to share, she blurts out everything about going to Hawaii and everything she knew about Hawaii. Her teacher gave her a small camera and a photo book so that she could keep track of her trip and share it with the class when she comes back. On her way to Hawaii trouble begins even on the airplane there. Junie thinks that her photo
book is going to be very bad because all sorts of bad things are happening. Nothing good has happened so far. Will Junie be able to get some good pictures and information from her trip to put in her photo book and show her class. Read Junie B., First Grader Aloha-ha-ha! to find out.


by Barbara Park #19 (1st+)

Junie B. Jones, now as a first grader, has gotten a job in the cafeteria as a lunch helper. She gets to work right in the kitchen with her good friend Mrs. Gutzman who used to deliver cookies to kindergarten. Junie B. Jones also gets to wear a hair net, an apron, and plastic gloves. While working, she dreams of being the boss of the entire school cafeteria operation someday. How will being the cafeteria lunch helper work out for Junie B. Jones? To find out read Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch.


by Dick King-Smith (2nd+)

A woman who loves to play the piano finishes for the day and leaves her living room. What she doesn’t notice that once she stops and leaves a mouse comes out of the wall near the piano. This mouse’s name is Mary and she is trying to find materials to build a nest for her babies. When her babies are born she names the smallest mouse Wolfgang Amadeus after a composer written on some sheet music she finds. This young mouse is much smaller than the others and gets teased a lot. But when he finds out that he can sing-and very well-he is happy. So is the lady of the house who is eventually able to get him to come out and sing while she plays on the piano. One day the lady doesn’t come to play and Wolf is worried. When he goes to check on her he finds that she is hurt and needs help. Can he use his wonderful talent of singing to get her help and become a hero? Read A Mouse Called Wolf by Dick King-Smith to find out.


Book 3 of the Island trilogy (3rd+)
by Gordon Korman

This last book in the Island series finds the six stranded kids on the island running for lives. They’ve have found that they are not alone on the island but they do not want to be found by whoever is. Smugglers have come to the island looking for lost treasures and old war items. The kids stumble across an old war barracks and find an atomic bomb. The smugglers also stumble across it and one of the kids ends up with a bullet in his leg that is steadily getting worse. They need to find a way off this island and away from the smugglers or he may not make it. Can they work together as a team without fighting and bickering to save their friend and themselves? Read Escape, the last book in the Island trilogy by Gordon Korman to find out.


Book 2 of the Island trilogy(3rd+)
by Gordon Korman

In the first book six kids were put on a ship that wrecked and now the second book opens with them stranded on an island together. When the kids pull themselves to shore after their ship wrecks they find that two of them are missing and one of them has amnesia, not remembering anything about who the other kids are. They still have no food and water and have to find a way to work together to survive. They still can’t seem to help fighting with each other but must learn to. They are soon to find that they are not alone on the island but may wish they were. Read Survival by Gordon Korman to follow Luke, J.J., Will, Lyssa, Charla, and Ian on their island journey.


Book 1 of the Island trilogy (3rd+)
by Gordon Korman

Six kids-Luke, J.J., Will, Lyssa, Charla, and Ian were put on a ship out to sea with strangers in order to work out their problems. Each of these kids has talents and each has gotten into some sort of mischief. Their parents have put them on this ship with Captain James Cascadden and first mate Mr. Radford in a last ditch effort to get them help. Now these six kids have to learn to work together while learning lessons from the captain and doing chores around the ship for the first mate. But when the captain and first mate abandon ship leaving the kids with no food and no water then they are forced to work together to stay alive. They end up stranded on an island together and that is where book 2 will pick up. Read Shipwreck by Gordon Korman for the adventure of six kids stranded at sea trying to survive.