Monday, February 18, 2008


by J.K. Rowling (book 5) 3rd+

Lord Voldemort has returned to get rid of Harry and to rule the magical world. Yetno one believes Harry, they think he has gone crazy. After Harry is attacked by dementors in the muggle world, a group called the Order of the Pheonix is called forward to help protect Harry and stop Lord
Voldemort. This group has gone into hiding and are working on trying to protect a “weapon” of some sort that Voldemort is searching for. While they work on this, Harry struggles with getting back into school after being expelled for using magic in front of muggles in order to ward off the dementors. At the same time, Harry finds that he is having dreams that end up coming true. In these dreams, though, he is not himself, he is Lord Voldemort. Because of his connection with Voldemort, the Order fears that if they cannot stop these dreams, Voldemort may be able to use Harry to do his bidding. Read the fifth book in the Harry Potter series and see if Harry can survive yet another year at Hogwarts.

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