Saturday, October 25, 2008


Book 3 of the Alex Rider Adventures
by Anthony Horowitz (5th+)

Alex was enjoying himself and having a nice break from M16 when again they called on him to come back to work. After solving a case and stopping a bad guy, Alex finds out that the guy had many friends who now want Alex dead. So, M16 sends Alex away on another mission. This mission takes him to America where he is to work with the CIA. When he gets there, they tell Alex that they are going to a place called Skeleton Key in Cuba to do some surveillance on a man named General Alexai Sarov. They are sending in two undercover agents as a vacationing couple but they need Alex to act as their son so they can get past the Cuban airport. Alex doesn’t believe that surveillance is all they are going to Cuba for but he goes along for the vacation time and because he really has no other choice. But in a tragic turn of events, Alex finds himself all alone once again, kidnapped by Sarov, and trying to save the world. Can Alex find out what Sarov’s plans are before something bad happens? Find out when you read the Alex Rider adventure Skeleton Key.

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