Tuesday, April 24, 2007


by Joseph Bruchac (5th+)

A young girl named Molly wakes up one morning to find that her parents did not come home the night before, they have mysteriously disappeared. Now Molly has been handed over by Social Services to a strange man claiming to be her great-uncle, a man she has never seen or heard of before. When she goes to live with this great-uncle, Molly becomes very afraid. Every night she finds herself locked in her room and is hesitant to eat anything because she thinks something is being put into her food. An night when she finally falls asleep she finds herself having dreams of old Mohawk tales her father had told her. The answer to all of her problems lies within these dreams. Will Molly be able to listen to the help she is receiving in her dreams in order to find her parents and get away from this man who claims to be her great-uncle? Read to find out.

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