Tuesday, January 15, 2008


by Joseph Bruchac (5th+)

Bears! Most people are fascinated yet scared of bears. Baron is just fascinated with them. Bears are his life. He is a member of the Mohawk Bear clan and has heard many tales of bears. One tale sticks out the most in his mind. The legend of the Bearwalker, a human who can turn into a bear but who is really only a monster. This monster can walk around as a human but will still have his bear-like canines to hide. When Baron and his eigth grade class take a field trip to a camp in the Adirondack mountains, things begin to happen that bring back memories of this legend. Is there a bearwalker among there camp? Will they survive to make it into high school? Read Bearwalker by Joseph Bruchac to find the answers to these questions and hear the legend of the Bearwalker.

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