Tuesday, January 1, 2008


by Joseph Bruchac (4th+)

All his life Armie has moved around from school to school where he has constantly been bullied and made fun of. The source of this is partly his background and partly the fact that he gets along really well with all animals. Armie is part Armenian and part Shawnee. But his Shawnee heritage comes in handy when he ends up at the North Mountains school, where things change. He begins to have creepy dreams and fells as if something sinister is drawing him to the eerie dark pond. Many people and animals have disappeared in this pond and now it is calling to him. Will the tales of his Shawnee ancestors help him to determine what is drawing him there? Can he find out what the presence in the lake is and destroy it before it draws him in for good? Find out when you read The Dark Pond by Joseph Bruchac.

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