Monday, October 15, 2007


by Cornelia Funke (4th+)

Meggie and her father Mo were inseparable. Then one night a stranger shows up at their door and yet her father seems to know who he is. Suddenly, he becomes very secretive and this stranger is calling him Silvertongue. Meggie finds herself swept into a world of fictional characters who have come to life and who require her father for some strange reason. It seems that several years ago Mo, or Silvertongue as he is called by these characters, read aloud from a book called Inkheart and the characters from the story came to life in his living room. These characters that came forth however were not good people. He does not have the ability to send them back and so they have been living in his world, terrorizing people. Now they are after Mo and his daughter Meggie, trying to get him to read from more books to bring them riches and continue with their evil ways. Will they get what they want from Silvertongue or will Maggie be able to help her father get free of them. Read Inkheart by Cornelia Funke to find out.

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