Tuesday, December 25, 2007


by Dave Barry (4th+)

Peter, the Starcatchers, and the Lost Boys are on another adventure. They believed Lord Ombra to be dead but are now thinking maybe he did not die at Stonehenge as they believed. Something is about to happen. No one is sure what but they all know that it must be stopped, whatever it is. Peter’s adventure begins when a group called the Scorpions, so called for using scorpion poison on their weapons when they fight, attacks the Mollusk village. Meanwhile, Molly has found out that over the years the Starcatchers had been warned when the next Starstuff would fall, but not this last time when it fell in Scotland. The Starcatchers were just lucky enough to get it before the Others did. But why were they not warned?After digging around, Molly finds that it has something to do with Peter and his lost family as well as the city of Rundoon where Peter was headed on the ship in Peter and the Starcatchers. Read Peter and the Secret of Rundoon, the third book in this trilogy to find out what happens to Peter, the Starcatchers and the Lost Boys, as well as the starstuff.

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