Saturday, August 2, 2008


Book 1 of the Shadow Children series
by Margaret Peterson Haddix (5th+)

Luke is a shadow child, a third child. A group known as the Population Police have created and enforce a law against families having more than two children. If a family should have more than two children then those extra children will be killed. Many families have had more than two children and the additional children have had to go into hiding. Luke is one of these children—a third child, a shadow child. He used to be able to go outside in his backyard because it was hidden by forest. But after developers tore down the forest and build houses for barons he finds that he has to stay in the attic. He cannot go outside and cannot even go downstairs for fear of being seen. He hates having to hide and miss out on everything that is going on around him. But one day through a hole in the attic he sees a face in the window of the house next door. A house where he knows there are already two children. Luke works up the courage to sneak over there and finds a new friend in another third child, Jen. Jen hates hiding also and is determined to do something about the law. But when Jen carries out her plan and turns up missing, Luke is really worried about what may have happened to her. What happened to Jen and is Luke now in trouble of being discovered because he made friends with her? Find out when you read Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

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