Friday, August 1, 2008


by Justin Somper (book 2) 5th+

Someone on the crew of the Diablo has died in battle and it has left the rest of the crew extremely upset. This was an excellent swordsman and a best friend to Conner and Bart. Grace realizes that one day her brother could die if he continues on this journey of pirating. So, she convinces Connor that they should visit the Pirate Academy in hopes of dissuading him from the life of a pirate. But she soon finds that that might not be the case at all. Conner loves the Academy and wants to enroll full time to help him become a better pirate and one day become a captain of his own ship. Meanwhile, something strange has been happening to Grace. She has these dizzy spells and somehow is finding herself back on the Vampirate ship. She is not fully there but is somewhat ghost like when she visits. She always returns to the Academy when she doesn’t want to though. Lorcan and the Vampirate captain need her. There is unrest on the ship and Lorcan is not doing well without her. Can she find a way to get back to the ship for good? Will Conner continue his dream of becoming a pirate Captain? Read Tide of Terror, the second book in the Vampirates series to find out.

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