Friday, August 15, 2008


by Justin Somper (book 3) 5th

Conner and Grace find themselves separated in this third Vampirate book. Conner has returned to The Diablo, angry with his friends at the Pirate Academy. Grace has returned to The Nocturne to help care for Lorcan. Both are following their own journeys but may once again find themselves
together after everything plays out. Lorcan is not getting better and so Grace and the Captain take him to a healer know as Mosh Zu. Grace and Lorcan stay with Mosh Zu at a place called Sanctuary while Lorcan heals. Conner finds himself in another scheme with Captain Wrath. But this scheme goes greatly wrong and Conner is no longer sure he wants to be a pirate. Will Grace follow in Mosh Zu’s footsteps and become a healer? Will Conner leave pirating and if so, what will he do? Read the Blood Captain to find out.

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