Sunday, November 2, 2008


Book 4 of the Alex Rider Adventures (5th+)
by Anthony Horowitz

Alex is once again on vacation, having a great time with his friend Sabina and her parents, when disaster strikes. Someone attacks Sabina’s family and Alex believes it to have been Yassen Gregorivich, the killer for hire who had murdered his uncle. Alex finds out that Yassen was hired to kill Sabina’s father by a very wealthy and popular man, Damian Cray. Cray is a millionaire pop idol who has his hand in everything around the world including a new life-like video game system and antidrug campaigns. So, when Alex takes his information to M16, they don’t believe that Damian Cray could have been involved and that Alex is overreacting. So, Alex sets out on his own to findproof of Damian Cray’s involvement and ends up finding himself struggling to stay alive. As it turns out, Damian Cray is a mad man who has a plan to save the world which will ultimately destroy it. Read this action packed book, Eagle Strike, where Alex has to fight his way through a bull fight, an actual human video game, and a high speed chase through the streets of Paris to stay alive and bring down Damian Cray before he destroys the world.

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