Sunday, November 2, 2008


Book 6 of the Alex Rider Adventures (5th+)
by Anthony Horowitz

Once again Alex finds himself in trouble and with another mission when he is supposed to be on vacation getting some much needed rest and relaxation. After being injured from his last mission, Alex is in a hospital where he meets another boy his age named Paul Drevin. When some men try to kidnap Paul, Alex steps in and takes his place. Paul’s father, billionaire Nikolai Drevin, asks Alex to join them in watching the launching of a rocket that is going up to the Ark Angel, the first hotel in space, which Nikolai with the help of the British government has created. But when the CIA again approach Alex, he soon finds that maybe Nikolai isn’t the great guy that everyone thinks he is. Alex has come upon another dangerous plot-this time to destroy Washington. Can Alex stop it and what about his new friend Paul? Find out when you read Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz.

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