Sunday, November 2, 2008


Book 5 of the Alex Rider Adventures (5th+)
by Anthony Horowitz

Alex has learned a family secret. Before Yassen Gregorivich died he told Alex that his father was an assassin who in fact trained Yassen. He tells Alex that he must venture to Venice and look up Scorpia. What does this mean? Alex doesn’t know whether Scorpia is a person or a place or a group of people, but in order to find out more about his father he travels to Venice and finds out what he can. In the process, he finds another secret, M16 may have been involved in the death of his father. Not sure who to trust, Alex is on a ride between M16 and Scorpia. Who is telling the truth and whom should he be working for? He must find out quickly before his homeland and the other children who live there are murdered. Can he do it? Find out when you read Scorpia, book 5 by Anthony Horowitz.

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