Monday, July 21, 2008


by Anthony Horowitz (5th +)

After recently discovering that his uncle was a spy and after becoming one himself, Alex Rider finds himself roped into another mission. This one involves a group of 14-year-old boys like himself but who have very wealthy families and who are always getting into trouble. In the past few weeks there have been two men killed who both had sons attending the same private school in which to tone down their behavior. M16 believes that this is too much of a coincidence and that something is going on with the school. They send in Alex to find out what is going on. Alex finds that indeed something very strange is going on. All of the boys are wandering around the school like they are brainwashed and something about all of them seems very similar, even though they are all different and unique boys. But soon Alex finds that he may know too much to stick around the school. But there is no way out. The school is on a mountain surrounded by snow and guards with guns. In an attempt to get his information to M16 Alex is chased through the snow by guards on snowmobiles mounted with machine guns. This is only one of the problems Alex faces at his new school. We he make it out alive with his information about the school or will this be his final mission. Find out when you read book 2 ofthe Alex Rider series, Point Blank.

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