Sunday, July 6, 2008


by Brandon Mull (4th+)

Nate is the new kid in town and he hates it. That is until he meets Pigeon, Summer, and Trevor. He becomes a member of their club and the four of them are inseparable. Then when a new candy shop opens in town the four of them get a job working for the owner, Mrs. White. This job is great! Mrs. White makes magic candy. Things like rock candy that can make you weightless and chocolate balls that can change your appearance. The jobs they are doing for Mrs. White begin getting a little strange though and they soon wonder if she is telling them the truth about what she is doing in town. Nate, Pigeon, Summer, and Trevor soon find out that they are in the middle of a magicians battle to find a hidden treasure of some sort. Who can they trust? Besides Mrs. White there is also Mr. Stott, the ice cream man and a mysterious new guy that has tried to stop them on some of their jobs. Can they find out who to trust and save their town from being taken over by evil magicians? Find out when you read The Candy Shop War.

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