Tuesday, July 15, 2008


by Joseph Bruchac (4th+)

Maddy is a big fan of scary tales and movies. Anything scary she loves it. So she really loves all of the Native American legends of her ancestors that her grandmother tells her. But one lately has especially been close in her mind. The tale of the Whisperer in the Dark. As the legend goes at one time a man was taken over by something evil and turned into a monster with five razor sharp blades in his hand. When this man, The Whisperer in the dark, calls out to a person then that person will be his next victim. The person will hear him call out three times and the forth time they will hear him call out their name. At that point, he will come for them. Maddy is hearing the Whisperer in the Dark call out to her. At first she things its just her overactive imagination. But when things start happening in the neighborhood and to the people who are closest to her she begins to believe otherwise. Can Maddy outsmart the Whisperer in the Dark and stay alive? If she does, will that mean someone close to her will have to take her place? Read Whisper inthe Dark by Joseph Bruchac to find out.

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