Friday, July 18, 2008


by Justin Somper (5th+)

Grace and Connor live with their father in the lighthouse on Crescent Moon Bay. They have always been outcasts but no more than when their father dies and their only options are adoption by a rich banking family in town or the orphanage. They choose a third option however and sneak away on their fathers boat. As it turns out, this was maybe not a good idea. Or was it? After a huge storm breaks apart their boat, Connor and Grace find themselves separated in the water believing that the other has drowned. Connor is picked up by a pirate ship captained by Molucco Wrathe a strange but well known captain among the seas. He tells Connor that Grace must have been taken by the sea but Connor swears he saw another ship, a strange ship, in the water right before he was pulled out. He is determined to convince everyone that Grace is on that ship. But will they listen and help him search out the ship? Grace, on the other hand, was picked up by what she is soon to find out is the Vampirate ship from the sea shanty their father used to sing to them. The captain of this ship has told Grace that Connor was pulled from the water by a pirate ship and is alive. When Grace asks how he knows he talks in riddles about it. Lorcan, who pulled Grace from the water, is set the task to protect Grace while on the ship. What is he protecting her from though? Will Grace figure it out soon and will Connor find her before it is too late? Read Demons of the Ocean, the first book of the Vampirates series by Justin Somper.

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