Tuesday, March 3, 2009


by Dr. Seuss (4th+)

While fishing in McElligot’s pool one young boy dreams of what might be in there. He knows that there might only be tin cans and old boots at the bottom of McElligot’s Pool. But he dreams instead that McElligot’s Pool breaks into an underground river that goes all the way under town and out to sea where all kinds of strange fish can swim through the river and end up in McElligot’s Pool. Now using his imagination he comes up with all kinds of fish that might swim up including an eel type fish with two heads, Eskimo fish who have parkas, a kangaroo fish with a pouch, a grouchy fish who looks like the Grinch, and even a dog fish with collar who would chase all of the cat fish to McElligot’s Pool too. To find out what other strange fish this young man has imagined, pick up and read McElligot’s Pool by Dr. Seuss.

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