Tuesday, March 3, 2009


by Dom DeLuise (2nd+)

This is a comical spinoff of the original Hansel & Gretel. When Hansel & Gretel lose their mother to a sickness the mean old Ms. Brown from next store starts coming by a lot to visit their father. Pretty soon Ms. Brown and their father get married and they hear Ms. Brown plotting to get rid of them. She wants to take them out in the woods and leave them there for some other family to find and take care of. But when Hansel & Gretel hear this they know they must do something. So when it comes time for their picnic in the woods the two children leave behind a trail of beans to follow home. When they return to the beans though they find they have been eaten by the forest animals. They think they will be stuck in the forest forever until they come upon a gingerbread house with so many sugary treats that they think they are in candy heaven. But they are soon to find out that Mrs.’s Glut Annie who lives in the house has a secret and does not intend to let the children leave. Will they find out before it is too late? Read Dom DeLuise’s Hansel & Gretel.

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