Wednesday, March 25, 2009


by Justin Somper (book 4) 5th+

Grace and Connor have just met the one person they never thought they would meet—their mother. Grace is thrilled at how things are going and at finally meeting their mother but Connor is not so sure about it and does not like being around the Vampirates. So, Grace stays and Connor goes back to pirating with the newly appointed Captain Cheng Li and her crew. But when Captain Li’s ship and crew are appointed the secret mission of Vampirate Assassins Connor has a choice to make. Can he assassinate Vampirates when he knows they are not all bad and that his sister has become very close to them? Also, lurking in the shadows is a secret hidden from them since they were born which is about to come to light and which may change the rest of their lives. Find out how Connor and Grace fare in the war that is about to take place and what will happen when this secret becomes known by reading Vampirates book 4: Black Heart by Justin Somper.

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