Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Xtreme Mysteries # 6
by Laban Hill (4th+)

A skate park is Nat’s new project. She and several others in the town, including the mayor, are trying to convince the town board that it would be worthwhile to build a skate park for the kids. The football coach and the team do not want to see it built because it would be built next to the football field and they are worried it will attract vandalism and bad behaviors. Nat thinks the proposal may go through until things start going bad for the football team. Someone is going to ruin their chances by proving the coachcorrect in that vandalism and bad behavior will come with the skatepark. Can Nat and the X crew find out who is behind all of it and stop them before they lose their chance at getting a skate park? Read Out of Line by Laban Hill to find out.

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