Sunday, May 11, 2008


Twitches (book 7)
by H.B. Gilmour (4th+)

After the life of one of their guardians is taken, Cam andAlex find themselves on their way to Coventry Island for a funeral. Both grieving over the loss of their friend and worry over the welfare of their other guardian are keeping them on edge. It gets worse when they get to Coventry Island, however, because they find that not only does someone not want them there but they have to deal with their uncle, LordThantos, who lives there. While staying on Coventry Island the twins also learn a great deal about their family and their bloodline including a curse and a prophecy. Can they figure out what to do about both the curse and the prophecy before it is too late? Will the person on the island who wants to see the T*Witches gone, succeed in their quest to be rid of them? Read Kindred Spirits to find out.

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