Saturday, May 3, 2008


Disney Fairies
by Laura Driscoll (2nd+)

On the day of a party for Queen Ree it is found that her crown is missing. That same day Vidia, a rude and selfish fast-flying talent fairy had said something to the other fairies about taking the crown from Queen Ree. So when it goes missing everyone of course blames her and they are going to hold a trial to decide if she should be banished for it. In the meantime Prilla, another fairy, decides to try and help Vidia prove that she did not actually take the crown. As they start investigating they are led on an adventurous chase to find out the true location of the Queen’s crown. Will Vidia and Prilla find the crown in time before Vidia is banished from Pixie Hollow? Read Vidia and the Fairy Crown to find out.

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