Saturday, May 3, 2008


Disney Fairies
by Kirsten Larsen (2nd+)

Lily, a garden-talent fairy, has one of the most wonderful and most used gardens in all of Pixie Hollow. Her plants and flowers are used for healing as well as food. Many fairies will just stop by to admire or enjoy her garden. After Lily finds and plants a new seed that she is not sure what it is things begin going wrong. Even though the plant that sprouts from the seed is not pretty and it is causing all sorts of problems, Lily still feels like it is a good plant. However, it is causing problems among all of the talent fairies in Pixie Hollow. Will she have to cut it down? Lily doesn’t think she will be able to do so. Find out what happens with Lily and her Pesky Plant by reading this story written by Kirsten Larsen.

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