Saturday, May 3, 2008


Disney Fairies
by Gail Herman (2nd+)

Dulcie, a baking-talent fairy loves to bake and has been working so much lately. When she oversleeps one day and breakfast is late, Queen Ree asks her to take a small vacation and get some rest. Dulcie has never had a vacation before and she is not sure what to do. She soon finds herself in the fairies library where she comes across a new recipe. Maybe if she can create this new recipe she can then go back to work. She goes on an adventure trying to find all of the ingredients she needs for this magic recipe. Meanwhile, Ginger, another baking-talent fairy has been trying to take over Dulcie’s kitchen. Can Dulcie create this magical recipe and get back in the kitchen before Ginger takes over for good? Read Dulcie’s Taste of Magic by Gail Herman to find out.

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