Thursday, December 4, 2008


by Jon Scieszka (3rd+)
Book 5 in the Time Warp Trio

What do you think you would find in the future? Well, this is the question Joe, Sam, and Fred are asking themselves. Joe has found a page in The Book in which you can type in a year you wish to visit instead of wishing for a certain place. So, the boys decide to travel to the future this time, 100 years into the future, to 2095. It is quite different but what thing that is the same is that the boys again find themselves in trouble. They are running from “killer” robots, secret police, and the woman in charge of the museum of the future. What they didn’t count on were some allies in the future who are going to help them find the book and get back to their time. Who are these special allies and why do they want to help the boys get back? Find out when you read 2095, book 5 in the Time Warp series by Jon Scieszka.

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