Wednesday, December 3, 2008


by Jon Scieszka (3rd+)
Book 2 in the Time Warp Trio

When Fred, Sam, and Joe get together one day to take another look at the book they find that they are not quite sure how it works. Their idea is that you open it and make a wish on one of the pictures. As it turns out, they are wrong. While trying to figure out The Book, they end up on their next adventure. Fred wants to go looking for buried treasure and Sam wants to go back in time to meet a historical figure. Well, as it turns out, when the green mist appears they both get their wish. The boys find themselves on a deserted island stuck in some coconut trees. That is the island was deserted until the pirates showed up to bury their treasure. Now Fred, Sam, and Joe are in big trouble because their magic tricks aren’t working the same way they did last time in getting them out of trouble. In fact, their magic has gotten them in more trouble this time. Read The Not-So-Jolly Roger to find out if the boys escape the pirates and make it home without any bullet holes or cutlass wounds.

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