Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow Series #12
by Rob Kidd (2nd+)

Captain Torrents is now in possession of Poseidon’s trident. With it he has captured Captain Jack Sparrow and his former crew, who are now crew to Captain Laura Smith, Arabella’s mother. Torrents has them all trapped in the caves of the Merfolk where he has punctured holes in the cave walls in which sea water has begun pouring in and will soon fill the cavern. They must escape in order to get the trident back from Torrents and help the Merfolk gain the freedom they so desperately want. But Jack eventually finds himself fighting alone against Torrent and the Trident when the rest of his crew has become incapacitated in battle. Can he defeat Torrents and if he does can he handle the task of becoming the new leader of the free Merfolk? Read Bold New Horizons, the last book in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow series by Rob Kidd.

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