Tuesday, December 23, 2008


by Shellie Larios (5th+)

Do you enjoy ghost stories? Do you like reading about places you know about or have visited? Then this may be the book for you. Yellowstone National Park was the worlds first national park and these 20 or so spooky tales come from there. The tales in this collection include ghosts haunting inns with noises and appearances, mysterious disappearances and circumstances, as well as tragic stories of death, murder, and loss. Many of the ghost stories and tales in this collection happened in hotels and areas that are still around in Yellowstone National Park today. So, if you would like to hear of the headless bride who haunts the Old Faithful Inn or of the little ghost boy who wanders lost through the same hallways or perhaps learn of the whispers ofthose who have drowned in Yellowstone Lake and of the mysterious woman who hitchhikes in the rain trying to get to work at a hotel that no longer exists, then read Yellowstone Ghost Stories by Shellie Larios.

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