Tuesday, December 23, 2008


by Jon Scieszka (3rd+)
book 11 in the Time Warp Trio

The boys still have not figured out how to work the book. Lately, it has been time-warping them when they say anything around it. They also have not yet figured out how to hang onto it, though they have tried many ideas. But when The Book takes them back to the time the of the Thomas Alva Edison and the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, they find they have a lot to fix or they will have messed up the future for everyone. They are not alone this time though. Somehow they seem to have brought their great-granddaughters back from their time in the future also. Working together can they fix the future so that all of the inventions they so enjoy in their time are still invented in the time they find themselves now. Read Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge, book 11 in the Time Warp Trio series.

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