Tuesday, December 2, 2008


by Roland Smith (5th+)

During the time of World War II a young boy named Nick lives with his mother in England. But when there apartment is destroye in a bombing raid, Nick’s mother decides that he may be safer living with his father in Burma, Southeast Asia. When Nick arrives he meets some very interesting and wonderful people and is determined to learn how to run his fathers teak plantation and how to be a mahout training the timber elephants in the area. But when the war follows him to Burma and the Japanese attack there Nick finds himself alone but for his one friend Mya. Both have been taken prisoner on the teak plantation, forced to do anything the Japanese wish. Nick’s father and Mya’s brother are taken to a different camp where they are also forced to work. Nick and Mya are determined to get free, to escape, and find their families. Many obstacles stand in their way. Besides the angry guards and the treasonous mahout who are out to get them they also have dangers of the jungle to worry about such as poisonous snakes and the angry timber elephants. Can the two of them escape the Japanese unharmed and make it through the jungle of Burma to find their families? To find out read this exciting and exhilarating tale, Elephant Run by Roland Smith.

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