Wednesday, December 24, 2008


by Dan Asfar (5th+)

There are many spine-tingling and strange stories that come from Montana locations. These stories and tales have been put together as a collection in this book. There are stories of haunted houses, the Little Big HornBattlefield and surrounding area, the Old West and mining towns, the Montana wilderness, and even of Montana colleges. Spine-tingling events include apparitions, mischievous ghosts, strange deaths, phantom hitchhikers, and scary mining ghosts missing limbs. If you are interested in scary stories and enjoy reading of places that perhaps you may have visited, then you will want to read these tales. Places that strange tales and stories have come out of range from large cities like Great Falls, Butte, Helena, and Billings, to less known areas perhaps such as Conrad, Valier, Virginia City, Nevada City, and even Montana highways. For a spine-tingling good read and interesting stories of Montana tales from the Old West to today, read Ghost Stories of Montana by Dan Asfar.

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