Thursday, December 4, 2008


by Jon Scieszka (3rd+)
Book 4 in the Time Warp Trio

Joe, Fred, and Sam are still trying to figure out how the book works. This time they have determined that when they go back in time they are going to take tools and weapons with them. Each boy gets loaded down with what things they believe they will need and they are on their way to the time of cavemen. But they are in for more than they bargained for. First of all, they thought that if they just held on tight to the book they would land in the Neanderthal with it this time. It doesn’t work out that way and they are forced to again find the book in that time in order to return to their time. What they didn’t count on were the crazy Neanderthal women, the strange cavemen, and the giant saber- tooth cat or wooly mammoth who try and get them. Will they make it home this time or will this be there last trip? Read Your Mother was a Neanderthal by Jon Scieszka.

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