Tuesday, December 2, 2008


by Henry Winkler (3rd+)
Book 1 of the Hank Zipzer series

Henry Zipzer, also known as Hank, just started the fourth grade and already he is feeling stupid. His teacher, Ms. Adolf, just assigned them a five paragraph essay on what they did over the summer vacation. How can this be happening? He is a terrible writer, a terrible speller, in fact, there is not much he feels good at, except perhaps creativity. Everyone seems to think he has a lot of that. Can he use that to his advantage? Hank has an idea that will top all of the creative ideas he has had so far this year—a living essay of Niagra Falls. He just can’t write a paper essay for many reasons including he is allergic to lined paper, if he sits too long his butt falls asleep, and his handwriting looks like a chicken stepped in tar and ran across the page. But when things go hilariously wrong with his Niagra Falls “living essay” he gets sent to detention as well as grounded. Detention turns out to be one of the best things for him though. He meets Mr. Rock, who helps him to find that he is not stupid he just learns differently than others. Can Hank find the best way of learning for him and can he do it without any more “living essay” incidents. Read Niagra Falls, or Does It by Henry Winkler and look for the rest of the Hank Zipzer series to find out what other creative things Hank can come up with to cause mischief.

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