Sunday, September 30, 2007


Book 2 of the Twitches series
by H.B. Gilmour (4th+)

Alex and Camryn, twin witches, are still dealing with their meeting one another after so long and finding out that their families are not their actual families but people they were put with for protection from their uncle. They are also dealing with all of the new powers that they are having and trying to control them. Along with the help of a warlock Karsh and another witch Ileana, they are working on becoming as powerful as they can be. In the meantime, they are watching everyone around them, because their uncle has supposedly sent someone after them who would be in disguise. So they must be on the lookout for everyone, but are still trying to make new friends and keep the ones they have. They also help to solve a mystery and save a little boy who was in an accident. Will Alex and Camryn be able to do all of this and keep away from the messenger sent from their uncle? Who is this messenger that they should be wary of? Read Building a Mystery, the second book of the Twitches series, and find out.

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