Sunday, September 30, 2007


by Barbara Park #16 (1st+)

Junie B. Jones’ kindergarten class is having a field day and everyone is very excited about it. They will be racing and doing events with the other kindergarten class, room 8. Each group wants to win really badly and in each group one person has been chosen to be the team captain. Guess who drew the team captain slip in room 9. You guessed it, Junie B. Jones did. However, Junie B. Jones does not seem to know exactly what a team captain is supposed to do. She thinks that it makes her the boss of the team and a superhero. Will she be able to figure out that a team captain helps support the team before it is too late? Will she be able to lead her class, room 9, to victory or will someone else have to do it? To find out which room wins the field day and if Junie B. Jones makes a good captain, read Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day.

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