Sunday, September 30, 2007


Book 1 of the Flight 29 Down series (4th+)
By Walter Sorrells
Based on the Discovery Kids tv show created by D.J. MacHale and Stan Rogow

Ten kids venture out on what is supposed to be a school trip to the South Pacific island of Palau. The plane that they are on, 29 Dwn, crashes and they never make it to the island to join their classmates and chaperones. Three of the students and the pilot venture out on the island to find help while the other seven stay on the beach and begin setting up camp. Now these seven students must survive on this island until they can be found and rescued. They must first learn to get along and help each other. If they can’t work together, they may not all survive. Read this first book, Static, in the Flight 29 Down series based on the hit TV series.

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