Sunday, September 30, 2007


by Dick King-Smith (2nd+)

A woman who loves to play the piano finishes for the day and leaves her living room. What she doesn’t notice that once she stops and leaves a mouse comes out of the wall near the piano. This mouse’s name is Mary and she is trying to find materials to build a nest for her babies. When her babies are born she names the smallest mouse Wolfgang Amadeus after a composer written on some sheet music she finds. This young mouse is much smaller than the others and gets teased a lot. But when he finds out that he can sing-and very well-he is happy. So is the lady of the house who is eventually able to get him to come out and sing while she plays on the piano. One day the lady doesn’t come to play and Wolf is worried. When he goes to check on her he finds that she is hurt and needs help. Can he use his wonderful talent of singing to get her help and become a hero? Read A Mouse Called Wolf by Dick King-Smith to find out.

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