Friday, September 28, 2007


Book 4 of the Cirque Du Freak series
by Darren Shan (5th+)

Mr. Crepsley has asked Darren, his half-vampire assistant, to journey up the Vampire Mountain with him to meet the vampire princes and others who live there. Mr. Tiny sends two of his strange “little people” to accompany them. On their way they have to deal with winter weather that is devastating and hard to travel in. They get attacked by a bear and find the trail left by some vampaneze on the mountain. They must stay clear of the vampaneze, deal with the bear, and survive the cold in order to make it to vampire mountain where Mr. Crepsley will explain to the vampire princes why he blooded someone so young. Will they survive their journey to Vampire Mountain without meeting any of the vampaneze and what will happen to Darren if they make it? Read Cirque du Freak: Vampire Mountain (book 4) by Darren Shan.

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