Friday, September 28, 2007


Book 11 in the Cirque Du Freak series
by Darren Shan (6th+)

When last we saw Darren he had been enrolled back in school and was still in the fight against the vampaneze and their lord. Now we find Darren struggling over wanting to return and visit with his family and friends but he is afraid for them. He again finds himself in battle. Soon his choice is made for him when the vampaneze are being sent to harm them. He finds himself on his way to protect them. On this journey he finds that he has a nephew he did not know about. His sister has grown up and now has a little boy. The fight is on again and this time it is mainly between himself, Steve Leopard, and the Vampaneze Lord. One of the boys is destined to become the new Vampaneze Lord if everything does not goes as planned. Who will it be? Can Darren keep his nephew and family safe from the Vampaneze? Read Lord of the Shadows (book 11) to find out.

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