Sunday, September 30, 2007


Book 6 of the Flight 29 Down series (4th+)
By Walter Sorrells
Based on the Discovery Kids tv show created by D.J. MacHale and Stan Rogow

One of the priorities and chores on the island is keeping the fire lit. That fire is not only for food but also used for smoke signals and for boiling their water so it is not contaminated. Melissa and Eric are the ones in charge of keeping it going at all times. However, when Eric lets the fire go out and then breaks their only lighter, they are in big trouble. Each of them tries to think of ways to create fire and each does some experiments. Without that fire, they have no water, no way of signaling help, and less food. While the dilemma is going on for getting the fire back, Jackson suddenly becomes very sick— he had drunk some water that was not boiled yet and so was contaminated. Now they really have to get that fire going because it is not looking good for Jackson. Can they get a fire going in time to save Jackson and themselves. Find out in Flight 29 Down: On Fire- (book 6).

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