Sunday, September 30, 2007


Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Super Mystery
by Carolyn Keene (4th+)

Nancy Drew, girl detective and her friend Bess Marvin are in New York for a nationally televised talent show that Bess has gotten into. While there the girls are excited to see their friends Frank and Joe Hardy, who also happen to be brother detectives. Right now the boys are working on the mystery of a missing amount of money from the family of an famous popstar, Angelique. The amount missing adds up to over $200 million dollars and they must find out where it went as well as who took it. Meanwhile Nancy gets pulled into another mystery while in New York, when an accident causes a young girl there age to come down with temporary amnesia. Nancy and Bess ask this girl to stay with them while she begins to remember things and they can figure out why she is having memories of being chased by someone with a gun. When they come to find out the name of the girl it turns out that Nancy’s case and the Hardy Boy’s case are seeming to be linked to one another. They soon find themselves working together to crack the case and figure out who is the culprit and why the girl is being shot at. Will everyone survive and the money be found, read Hits and Misses, a Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery to help solve the case.

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