Sunday, September 30, 2007


Book 3 of the Island trilogy (3rd+)
by Gordon Korman

This last book in the Island series finds the six stranded kids on the island running for lives. They’ve have found that they are not alone on the island but they do not want to be found by whoever is. Smugglers have come to the island looking for lost treasures and old war items. The kids stumble across an old war barracks and find an atomic bomb. The smugglers also stumble across it and one of the kids ends up with a bullet in his leg that is steadily getting worse. They need to find a way off this island and away from the smugglers or he may not make it. Can they work together as a team without fighting and bickering to save their friend and themselves? Read Escape, the last book in the Island trilogy by Gordon Korman to find out.

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