Sunday, September 23, 2007


by Barbara McClintock (K+)

Adele has the task of picking up her younger brother, Simon, from school. She doesn’t mind except Simon can’t seem to hang onto any of his belongings. He loses everything! From the school to their house they make many stops to look at things and to visit with friends. Along the way he loses a picture he drew in school, his coat, gloves, scarf, sweater, and crayons, as well as his books. Their friends along the way help them look for everything but they have no luck finding any of these items. When they get home Simon’s mom asks where all of his things are and he has to tell her that they were lost. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door! Who could it be? When they open the door who will they find and will Simon ever find all of the things he lost on the way home? Read Adele and Simon by Barbaara McClintock to find out.

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